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Traditional Wet Shave

How to Wet Shave like a pro

A traditional wet shave by a professional barber is the height of pampering for most men. Especially those who appreciate the skill required as an open blade glides across your skin. Plus, it’s the ultimate shaving experience – giving you the best shave you’ll ever have. At Pall Mall Barbers, we’ve been shaving the men… Read more »

Double Edged Razors

Double edged razor

Double edged razors are really popular with men who prefer a more traditional daily shaving ritual, but the main reason that they are so well liked, is that you get a far better shave when you use one. The vast majority of men seem to use a multi blade cartridge – like Mach 3. Don’t… Read more »

Beard Advice in the NY Times

Our beard advice is to use a beard oil

Beard advice…. you can never have too much.  Everyone’s facial hair grows differently, looks different and will need to be styled differently so any beard advice or tips tend to be fairly generic.  Read them all and then take the bits that apply to you – that’s what we’d suggest. This article is the New… Read more »

Hair Conditioner for Men

Tea Tree Hair conditioner for men

Is hair conditioner for men really worth using? That’s a question we get asked a lot.  And our answer is always yes. As experts in men’s hair and men’s hairdressing, we know what we’re talking about. At Pall Mall Barbers, we are one of the oldest and most respected barber shops in Central London. We have… Read more »

MPs Hair… how much do they spend?

MPs Hair showing David Cameron

Politics and Haircuts. What a combination! A while ago there was a big hoo-haa about MPs hair and how much they paid for their haircuts. Let’s be honest, MPs are not really known for their trend setting, stylish appearances so their hair styles are never going to be at the forefront of fashion. They’re more… Read more »

Ryan Gosling Hairstyle – How to Get the Look

Ryan Gosling hairstyle - how to get the look

Ryan Gosling has had various hairstyles – from cropped to floppy to bleached blond.  Somehow, he always manages to carry it off. So here are Pall Mall Barbers’ tips on how to replicate this particular Ryan Gosling Hairstyle.  Follow our advice to style your hair into the really popular and classic style of actor  Ryan… Read more »

Get the Look – Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson may not be known for his well groomed, dapper appearance but his mop has been the subject of much discussion in the past. It’s been wondered whether he cuts it himself and whether he actually likes it looking a mess! At Pall Mall Barbers, we’ve been lucky enough to cut the Mayor’s hair… Read more »

Pre Shave Scrub as Recommended by Experts

Pre-Shave Scrub

Our Pre Shave Scrub is an amazing product – we’ve blogged about it before and how it prepares your skin for a smoother, closer shave. As the first step in our unique 3 Step Shaving System, the pre shave scrub contains prickly pear seed oil to moisturise the skin and the added Amazonian guarana seeds… Read more »

Beard Oil as Recommended by the Grooming Guide

Our beard advice is to use a beard oil

We think our Beard Oil is really something special. We can’t help it.  We know about these things and Pall Mall Barber’s Sandalwood and Clove Beard Oil really is the dog’s b*****ks! So you can imagine our delight when someone else who really knows their stuff thinks so too. The Grooming Guide aims to offer… Read more »

Barber Shop Westminster near St James London.

Barber shop in Westminster

Barber Shop Westminster St James London We have some very exciting news!  We’ve just opened our third Pall Mall Barbers and it’s in the heart of Westminster. With demand growing for our services and our Trafalgar Square and Fitzrovia barber shop being unbelievably popular,  we decided to branch out a bit further and open few… Read more »