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How to Find a Good Barber in London

Good barber in London cutting hair

Are you looking for a good barber in London? Where do you start? We know there are loads of barber shops in London, but how do you know which ones a good barber shop and which one you should really avoid? Without being biased (much..)  because we know we’re great!  Here’s our advice on choosing… Read more »

David Beckham’s Hairstyle – our style tips

David Beckham's slick backed look

David Beckham’s hairstyle always seems to be changing and over the years he’s certainly entertained some weird and wonderful hairstyles, but at Pall Mall Barbers  in London,we particularly liked his retro 50’s look. Whatever style he rocks, he always looks good and he’s the men’s style icon that we get asked most for by our customers… Read more »

Mens Shaving Brush & How to Use It

Mens shaving brush

A mens shaving brush is so much more than just a simple old shaving brush….. it’s a crucial tool in your shaving ritual to get the smoothest, closest shave possible. The best mens shaving brush is made out of badger’s hair, which is world renown for its durability and ability to absorb water, unlike horse… Read more »

Mens Grooming Pop Up Barber Shop Events

Male grooming event with Pall Mall Barbers

Mens Grooming Pop Up Barber Shop Events We love a good mens grooming event at Pall Mall Barbers and we had  a great time at one just event just before the Christmas break, with Tiger of Sweden, Club Wembley and the Jaunty Flaneur. It was a very sophisticated mens grooming event,  in the stylish surrounds… Read more »

Traditional Barber Shop… as seen on the BBC

Traditional barber shop being filmed by the BBC

Pall Mall Barbers and our traditional barber shop is the star of the show! At Pall Mall Barbers we’re very proud of our traditional barber shop interior.  All wood paneling, lean over sinks and tiling. Not only is it a nod to the great history of barbering but we also see it as staying true… Read more »

Hair Styling Products for Men

Hair Styling Product for mens grooming goody bags

There are so many hair styling products for men on the market, how do you know which one to use? The best way, is to ask an expect. Like one of the barbers at our very own Pall Mall Barbers shops in Central London.  With their collective experience of cutting and styling men’s hair, they’ll… Read more »

Post Shave Balm for Men

Post Shave Balm

Post shave balm is the best way to finish your daily shaving ritual. The final step in the Pall Mall Barbers unique 3 Step Shaving System is our Sandalwood and Clove Post Shave Balm. If you’ve followed the 3 step process, it’s important to finish with a product that will soothe and smooth your skin,… Read more »

Get the Look – Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is one of the most popular members of the Royal Family, and whilst this genuinely decent bloke is unlikely to become King, he is pretty cool in his own right. He’s got very thick hair (…. unlike his brother!) and tends to go for a casual, low maintenance look. So here are our… Read more »

Shaving Cream

Sandalwood and Clove Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is a must for a good shave. The second step in our exclusive 3 step shaving system is our shaving cream. We developed the Pall Mall Barbers shaving cream over several years. We applied our experience as barbers, listened to our customers and noticed what products worked well. The result is our Sandalwood and… Read more »