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Beards in 2016

Beards are getting evermore popular. As what restarted from a few hipsters and models going for a different look has now spread throughout. A few years ago it was essential for a gentleman to shave before work, meetings and social gatherings. It is now acceptable and in some cases preferred if a gentleman has a… Read more »

Pall Mall Barbers and the H&M Pop-up Store

The Pall Mall Barbers are all about traditional service in a modern manner. This is why when a great modern brand such as H&M joins up with one of London’s best barbering factions the results are going to be both modern and impressive. H&M is one of the UK’s most loved high street stores which… Read more »

Movember Moustache Shaping Shaving Beard Shaping London

Movember Moustache Shaping Shaving Beard shaping London   The 1970 were the Golden Age of Rock Moustaches. From country singers to avant-garde rockers, practically every notable musician sported serious lip fuzz in our hairiest decade to-date. Hard-rock as a genre is well-represented in facial hair history,  none have worn it more badass than Lemmy Kilmister… Read more »

Movember – Moustache Tips.

Moustache Wax

Movember Mousache Tips Cleaning: To keep your Moustache looking clean and healthy use a fine tooth comb to thoroughly comb out and using a small amount of beard oil will leave your Mo with a healthy shine. Shaping: Using small scissors or clippers trim along the bottom of the Moustache following the natural line of your… Read more »

New Shaving Products – Next Level of Shaving Products

Luxury Shaving Products – Sandalwood & Clove Shaving system. Pall Mall Barbers would like to introduce the Sandalwood & Clove three step shaving products series. Pre-Shave Scrub which includes prickly pear seed oil to moisturise the skin whilst Amazonian guarana seeds add texture to the invigorating face scrub. Shaving Cream includes prickly pear seed oil… Read more »

Flexible Shine & Pall Mall Barbers

 Flexible Shine – Mens Hair Styling Products Flexible Shine from Pall Mall Barbers in London is the mens hair styling product to use if you  want to style your hair like Gary Barlow or George Clooney. It is great if you have thick and coarse hair and you  are looking for a styling product to create messy… Read more »

History of the Barber’s Pole

History of the Barber’s Pole The barber’s trade is an ancient one. Razors have been found among relics of the Bronze Age (circa 3500 B.C). Barbering is mentioned in the bible by Ezekiel who said “And Thou, son of man, take thee a sharp knife, take thee a barber’s razor, and cause it to pass… Read more »

Styling Products & Pliable Clay

If you are looking for a matte finish to your hairstyle, this is the best product from Pall Mall Barbers to achieve that. Pliable clay is a great hair styling product for men and it will give a natural hold to any mens hairstyle. With Pall Mall’s Pliable clay you are able to create styles… Read more »

Mens Hairstyling Products & Pompadour Paste

Mens Hairstyling Products from Pall Mall Barbers prevent hair loss

 Mens Hairstyling Products & Pall Mall Barbers    If you want a mens hairstyling product that gives strong hold like a wax but with a wet look, then this is the mens hair product to use, Pompadour Paste. It gives a high shine to mens hairstyles like those featured in Mad Men or mens hairstyles… Read more »