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Get the Look – Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is one of the most popular members of the Royal Family, and whilst this genuinely decent bloke is unlikely to become King, he is pretty cool in his own right.
He’s got very thick hair (…. unlike his brother!) and tends to go for a casual, low-maintenance look.
So here are our tips and advice on how to get this look.
Prince Harry seems to have a natural curl to his hair which helps him to achieve this slightly messy, textured look but it no doubt requires a light conditioner to tame the frizz.
Ask your barber for a wash and scissor cut. It is always better to have your hair washed by your barber before and/or after your haircut because they will use a deeply clarifying shampoo to lift all dirt and grease from the hair follicle.
Leave an inch in length on top and half an inch on the sides and back and then have your barber point cut into the length on top to add texture. Ask for the hair to be tapered at the back and clean of the ears. Or take a picture of Prince Harry with you so they can see for themselves exactly the look you want.
You can book an appointment at any of our Central London barbers shops online.
The great thing about this men’s hair style is that it is very low maintenance – so if you enjoy a lie-in in the morning, this is the hairstyle for you!
When you’ve washed your hair,¬†simply dry it thoroughly before applying some Pall Mall Barbers Texture Enhancer. Apply a small amount of product through the fingertips and spread through the hair then use a pinching and pulling technique, lift the hair and separate for a messy finish. ¬†If you’d like to see exactly how to use this product, we’ve got a great video where Dan demonstrates the right technique for styling your hair using the Texture Enhancer.
You can buy this, and all the Pall Mall Barbers hair products on our hair styling product page here.

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