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Alex’s love for barbering probably started from his first haircut – a childhood memory he recalls very fondly! He had been engaged in the haircutting industry from a very young age and has previously worked in Romania and Exeter, South of England. Alex has been able to gain extensive experience as a barber by catering to a variety of clients and their requirements.

We consider his skills exceptional, especially his nifty ability to combine old-style and modern haircuts very well. For Alex, picking a favourite hairstyle is a difficult task as he considers each of them to be unique and attractive. So, whatever hairstyle you need, he can provide it for you! He ensures that all of his clients leave satisfied and happy by providing the best service he could.

Alex considers barbering to be more than a profession and his pathway of passion. Alex spends his leisure time connecting with nature, and he claims it powers him up! He is also a football fanatic and a die-hard fan of Manchester United.

His favourite products from Pall Mall Barbers are the Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner which are great for scalp and hair. He loves the refreshing feeling these products provide to the user.

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