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Alina was interested in haircutting ever since she was a child. In fact, her dolls met the terrible fate of losing all their hair because she kept giving them haircuts. Growing up, Alina realized that it was more than just a hobby. It was a passion she enjoyed very much.

During the last year of high school, she dropped in at a barbershop to ask if they hire trainees – and they did! Alina was a quick learner, and in no time, she was assigned to work directly with clients. She worked in her hometown for three years and decided it was time for the next step in her career in a bigger city.

Her big break was when she got a job opportunity at Donna Carina, a famous saloon. She worked there for seven years, gaining a lot of experience, acquiring new skills, and learning more about haircutting. But Alina never stopped pushing herself further.

She moved to London in 2015 and joined a barbershop there. Although she encountered many challenges while learning the art of haircutting, they did not stop her from moving further.
Alina is now a student in college studying business and management. She likes to shop, walk outdoors enjoying nature, or cook while listening to music during her free time.

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