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Mary is a professionally certified hairdresser and barber with over eight years of experience in the field. She was a participant in the X Factor Hair Course conducted by the Tony Del Guidice Academy from 2016-2017 in Italy, Torino. She is well-equipped with new haircutting techniques and hairstyles that are at par with the trend!

Mary considers working with Pall Mall Barbers as her favourite adventure because it makes her feel she is at the right place. She loves working with clients and has a knack for getting them to express their requirements well! Mary is an artist when it comes to giving unique haircuts that make clients feel elated and confident.

Her specialities include all kinds of seasoned hairstyles, wet shaves using the straight razor, and various hair and beard stylings. For Mary, barbering is not just a career. It is a task where she outpours her passion that began as a childhood hobby. Her goal is to learn more skills gradually, and she believes that each day offers a new opportunity to further her education.

My favourite product from Pall Mall Barbers is the Texture Enhancer, as it does an amazing job in enhancing the hair’s definition and style.

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