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Nico was drawn towards barbering at a very young age when he started sweeping the floor of his family barbershop in Cyprus. Growing from there, he started working in Central London at the age of 16, acquiring new skills and sharpening his ability.

He worked in many barbershops, gaining experience in different grooming services and a variety of hairstyles. Nico’s deep passion for barbering and sheer determination to do better every day helped him learn fast and become an expert in no time.
He will start with a friendly chat to understand your requirements and preferences in-depth. Nico’s patient and calm attitude, and the way he treats each client as his best, are remarkable. We call him an all-rounder because he is excellent in everything from classic timeless scissor cuts to modern slick skin fades. He is a pro at beard stylings, and for him, it’s always the bigger, the better.
Besides barbering, Nico likes to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu, travel with his girlfriend, enjoy dancing at salsa bars, or go on motorbike rides on the open road. He is truly a versatile character, just like his expertise.

His favourite product is Sandalwood and Clove Beard Oil, to nourish and protect the skin underneath. It keeps your hair and beard looking fresh and healthy at all times, allowing you to maintain it yourself between visits.

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