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Nick’s passion for barbering stemmed from watching movies and video tutorials on haircuts. From there, he continued to perfect his skills and eventually made barbering his full-time career. He has been cutting hair for three years in London.

Nick loves to work on long or medium haircuts as they provide him with more opportunities for styling. Besides them, skin fades are his favourites as they demand a lot of precision and creativity. He is also great at giving clean shaves.

Nicolae’s greatest strength is his ability to connect well with clients, understand their lifestyles, and provide them with exceptional haircuts! He strives to become a mentor one day and teach others the art of barbering. He has had the pleasure of styling the hair of a famous actor in PMB’s Paddington store.

Nick likes to play with the Rubik’s Cube or watch videos related to haircutting during his spare time. He is super focused on developing his skill using many resources, so he can serve you better!

My favourite product is the Tea Tree Conditioner from Pall Mall Barbers, as it offers a smooth touch to the hair. He is also a fan of our Light Dressing Cream as it doesn’t make the hair feel greasy. Nicolae especially recommends it to style long hair with a natural finish!

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