Peter photo

Pete is a highly talented hairdresser with over 12 years of expertise working with men’s and ladies’ hair. Over the years, he has undergone professional hairdressing training to hone his innate talent further. Pete has also served as a mentor, imparting his knowledge and skills to aspiring hairdressers and barbers.

Pete has worked all over London and a brief spell in Reykjavík, Iceland. Working with Pall Mall Barbers has always been his goal as it helps in furthering his work and career to the next level. He loves working with people and is great at determining their needs quickly and tailoring the haircut to suit each individual.

His specialties are modern spins on classic styles, from sharp skin fades to the classic short back and sides. He is highly trained in long hairstyles and also beards. For Pete, barbering isn’t just a ‘job’. He absolutely loves cutting hair and has a passion for making people feel more confident walking out the door than when they walked in. He strives to improve and learn more every day at Pall Mall Barbers.

The Sea Salt Spray from Pall Mall Barbers is one of Pete’s favourite as it enhances the volume and texture of dull-looking hair.

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