Savlo photo

After running his business for over six years in Ukraine, Savlo stepped into London seeking a fresh change, and he was thrilled to be part of Pall Mall Barbers to do what he loves best. He considers his profession a major motivation in his life and loves pleasing his clients with great haircuts. So, you would always find him religiously engaged in haircutting chores, aiming for perfection.

Salvo’sĀ greatest strengths are old-school haircuts, and he considers them traditional yet timeless in style. He is a fan of disconnected undercuts, a haircut sported by Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders. Back in Ukraine, he also had the pleasure of giving haircuts to many famous people. However, his biggest achievement is satisfying his clients every day with his expert skills.

Besides cutting hair, Pavlo also is a UFC, K-1, martial arts and karate fighter.

His favourite product from Pall Mall Barbers is the aftershave Sandalwood and Clove Cologne, as it smells great and provides a refreshing sensation without causing irritation.

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