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When Britain is brought up in a conversation about style, it is inevitable that the Royal family will creep into the discussion at some point. We might not have blue blood ourselves but Pall Mall Barbers is a sure shoe-in for class when it comes to elite grooming experiences as we aim to become the best barbers New York has ever seen! Last month at the prestigious Hardy Minnis showroom in Manhattan, we were invited to celebrate Harry and Meghan’s marriage in an event hosted by the UK’s Department of International Trade which had the Union Jack emblazoned all over it.

The event was called ‘Fashion is Great’ and we wore our proudest smiles as our master barbers served the lucky guests with classic wet shaves, beard trims and personalised grooming tips. The affair wasn’t all about us, and of course our restrained British etiquette wouldn’t dare allow it to be. We were joined by a star-studded cast of Blighty-born fashion brands who are absolute bastions for Team GB in the fashion world: Alfred Dunhill, Cad and the Dandy, Gladson New York, and Hardy Minnis.

Best Barbers New York

Erin from Pall Mall Barbers London was kept busy making the gents of New York looking sharp

Fashion Brands in Attendance

Alfred Dunhill established his company at age 21 in 1893 and after retiring he said, “if one can exactly meet the desires of a good class of public, time only is necessary to make it profitable”. We’re sure he would be pleased to learn that his business is thriving and continuing to serve bespoke and artisan items of fashion and style to the refined gentlemen of modern society. City boys Meiers and Sleater founded Cad and the Dandy in 2008 because they wanted to serve London with top quality tailoring without the exuberant expense of traditional Savile Row suitors. A bespoke suit constructed with traditional tailoring methods seems like a no-brainer, especially for the man who dresses to impress.

When you think Gladson, think cigars, think Sinatra and think garments for gentlemen. Known all over the world for its exemplary fabrics and fashions, this house of high-end haberdashery is a glowing ambassador for cross-Atlantic style and appearance. Our host was Hardy Minnis, an incredibly proud British supplier of exquisite fabrics which has the distinguished accolade of being granted a Royal Warrant. Being a stalwart master barber representing Britain in New York is thirsty work. Fortunately, tea service and English sparkling wine were on hand to quench and sequester any fatigue. We were ready, blades and shaving cream on standby to take care of beards and stiff upper lips in true classic British fashion.

best barbers new york

The Pall Mall Barbers Sandalwood & Clove Men’s Grooming Range

Best Barbers New York

Pall Mall Barbers has launched a traditional but luxury barbershop in Manhattan, New York nestled neatly in the grandiose Rockefeller centre. Getting your hair cut, styled and your beard shaven and trimmed, should always start off with a consultation. A chat with your talented barber can teach you things about your skin, your hair and your style which you never even knew about. Having stamped our authority and established ourselves in London with several stores and an award winning product range, we took our trunk of grooming trinkets and treatment philosophies to create a luxury barbershop in NYC.

Being in the financial district, we are surrounded by gentlemen who understand and appreciate the art of looking suave, being smooth and feeling slick. It’s more than an art, it’s a way of life and we hope to prolong that by delivering the finest cuts, the sharpest beard trims and the best grooming treatments at our new New York barbershop which brings a drop of blue blood to the red, white and blue of USA.

You can read more about our New York barbershop here – www.pallmallbarbers.NYC

About Pall Mall Barbers New York

Near to 5th Avenue based at the Rockefeller Center our new midtown barbershop will have 12 barber chairs, with the very best barbers in New York. We’ll be handpicking the very best barbers New York has to offer, and they’ll provide the same amazing service standard that we have delivered to gentleman in London for the last 120 years.

Our barbers are known in the industry as some of the best barbers in the barbering business – we have trained barbers from all over the world, some of our barbers have been featured on TV, Media across the press, and we’ve won lots of awards for our service and skills as barbers, most recently Best Male Grooming Salon at the Salon Business Awards. We’re determined to keep up that momentum and deliver the high-quality barbering service in New York that our clients deserve and demand. On top of that, we’ve have our own hair styling products and men’s grooming range for barbers to use in store and you to use at home, so you can recreate your style with ease following the advice of our highly skilled team of barbers in New York City.

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