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Get the Michael Cooper Haircut

Who is Michael Hooper?

When he’s not beating opponents on a rugby field with blunt force, he’s looking sharp as one of Australia’s biggest, budding sports stars. Hooper is captain of the New South Wales Waratahs who signed him in 2012 after a breakout season for the Brumbies, based in the capital Canberra. Ever since, he picked up the rugby ball at a professional level he’s been collecting trophies and accolades along with it, from player of the year awards to representing his country across the globe. An award for style and appearance has vacated him so far but we feel it should be on the horizon for the young Wallaby.

So, You Want The Michael Hooper Haircut? Here’s How To Get It 


If you are heading into our barbers in London, and you want to describe your desired look to our barber without showing them a photo, you will need to ask for 2 back and sides with a tapered neckline. The cut on top will depend on your preferences and you can discuss this with our hair stylist in London’s best barbershop, Pall Mall Barbers.

How To Style

Fortunately, we offer a range of industry-leading, accolade-collecting products to help you maintain the style you desire. The first port of call would be the Sea Salt Spray (https://www.pallmallbarbers.com/shop/sea-salt-spray/) which you should incorporate into your grooming routine. You’ll need to take 3 squirts and apply it all over the hair and into the roots. Then, blow dry so it’s all pushed back. Next, take a piece (an amount about the size of a 20 pence coin) of our Texture Enhancer (https://www.pallmallbarbers.com/shop/texture-enhancer-100ml-styling-product-for-men/)  and work it through the roots into your ideal style. This short routine will keep your look in place all day.

How Often Do I Need To Get It Cut?

We recommend you visit Pall Mall Barbers in London every 3-4 weeks to get it cut, this leaves enough time for growth without letting it become wild.

The Michael Hooper Haircut Is For You If…

Hooper’s haircut is simple to achieve but requires a little bit of styling to maintain its look. Before you begin considering this style, you will need to have a considerable length on top of your head to pull this off successfully. This is not for those with short hair. As London’s best barbers, we can consult you on whether a certain style would best suit you over another. In terms of this hairstyle, it would match any head dimensions especially if you have more of an oval-shaped face. Furthermore, this look would work best for you if you do not have straight hair as the strands will stand out from the root which will need to be pushed back. If you have movable, workable hair then this is perfect for you!

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