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Digital platforms may have taken over many real-world experiences, but a computer can’t recreate the feel of a hot shave or fantastic haircut. 

Giving customers a physical experience is something that they will take away with them and something that will last for a long time after. This only helps to cement the value of your event. 


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Events history  – Pall Mall Barber’s Heritage 

Pall Mall Barbers did their first event in 2006 to support a product launch campaign for Kiehl’s where Pall Mall Barbers provided shaving services to demonstrate the products to the event attendees. 

Following this, numerous events were done for film and TV before Pall Mall Barbers supported the Movember Foundation in a series of events between 2008 and 2009. 

Seeing the potential of the events, Pall Mall Barbers set about designing and constructing the UK’s first mobile pop-up format for the barbershop which would enable Pall Mall Barbers to provide barbering services in a wide variety of environments.

Pall Mall Barbers’ first major standalone event was the London Coffee Festival in 2012, where we caught the eye of BMW, who asked us to run a stand at one of their launches. Following on from this, Pall Mall Barbers have provided pop-up barbering and events for Google, Jack Daniels, Hugo Boss, Club Wembley and MasterCard in multiple countries. We have already been booked for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan! 


Since 1896, Pall Mall Barbers have been at the forefront of male grooming and have set the agenda for style conscious gentleman for over 120 years in London. To this day, we are driven by our dedication to giving the highest quality experience for our clientele, for each of the 63,196 haircuts we delivered last year. 

This focused approach has led to us becoming the largest and most awarded independent barbering business in London with over 50 haircutting seats and 23 award-winning products. 

Because we are an independent business, we are able to respond to the needs of customers and meet their exacting needs every time – we are genuinely committed to each of our customers and are determined to retain our status as the highest rated barbering business in Europe. 

Corporate Events 

We’ve previously worked with high-profile companies such as Google and Facebook delivering popup salons in their offices. Working with corporate teams, we put together an event that meets their exact needs. Attendees can book their appointments in advance and receive a multisensory experience that they can take away. 

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B2B Events 

Working alongside B2B event organisers, we construct and deliver a tailored and fully integrated event solution which adds buzz and engagement on the day and acts as a social hub of the event. 

THE STORY SO FAR – Co-branded Promotions 

Oliver Sweeney Co-branded content and event We’ve already collaborated with Oliver Sweeny on their Movember video to launch their new collection. We showcase how the brand and products fit in with the lifestyle and values of a gentleman alongside other brands. 

Product placement in store We frequently run product placement and promotions in our stores to drive sales for third party brands. Our campaign with The London Sock Exchange had all of our barbers wearing their distinct socks in store. This resulted in numerous sales of socks and subscriptions to the London Sock Exchange from our customers. 

High Profile Events 

It’s the norm at weddings for the bridal party to get their hair done before the event, but the men get left out. We’ve worked at a number of celebrity weddings to make sure all the men look incredible for the big day. We were invited by the WWE to sharpen the image of their athletes with highly specified haircuts and shaves. These image reworks were done in collaboration with the image rights agents of the athletes and fed directly into the merchandising lines of the athletes which are a core revenue driver for the WWE business. 

Consumer Events 

We’ve worked at a large number of B2C events, providing services to customers at events and in public. There is always a high demand for our services with queues sometimes getting as long as 25 people. Events we’ve worked at include the Champions League Final and the Virgin London Marathon. 

Fashion Label Events

As part of their Christmas promotional campaign in 2017, we supported H&M with the Pall Mall Barbers popup where we provided barber services over an 8 week campaign period which was hosted at The Truman Brewery. 

Fragrance Launch 

We launched Hugo Boss’ new fragrance alongside GQ. Customers experienced a multisensory, full male grooming experience sampling the fragrance rather than the normal sample. We showed not only the fragrance, but the lifestyle around it. 


Champions Money 2020, Shoptalk, League Retail week Live, MasterCard, Retail to provide 4000 haircuts in the Week Live, Shoptalk and Money the main square in Cardiff over three 2020 to deliver popups into their days. Fans could either choose B2B events. Our popup acts as a ‘Madness’ having portraits and networking hub where customers flags sculpted into their hair for a engage with eachother and chance to win tickets to the final, breaks up the event by adding a or ‘Priceless’ an unforgettable PMB-quality experience with all the fanfare of the football. We featured celebrity appearances from David James and Ryan Giggs and a Barbershop quartet. MasterCard won an award for the popup initiative at The Pro Awards in 2017 and were also shortlisted for an award at the Sports Business Awards. 

A Royal Appointment

HRH Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, was welcomed to Pall Mall Barbers as a guest of honour to spend time in the barber chair talking with our barbers about the importance of honesty and openness around mental health. Our barbers are trained through the  BarberTalk program to help clients talk about their mental health concerns. Prince William is a longterm advocate for mental health issues, and his visit to Pall Mall Barbers was covered globally by the press.

Mailbox Fashion Show

The team from Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham branch had the esteemed pleasure of headlining The Mailbox fashion show at the end of October. Being open for a few months, it was a great pleasure to be given this prestigious honor, and the stylist team set to work on creating modern looks for today’s gentleman. Led by our talented barber Sally, the team demonstrated emerging looks with models, all of which are suitable for different styles and gents.


Our units are custom built and designed to work both indoors and outdoors. We have both a full popup unit and a made to measure unit, designed to fit into any space. We can operate in venues with and without water and electricity and can provide our own lighting. We can be set up with less than 24 hours’ notice and are able to be send our units to be used in events anywhere in the world. 

As a leading brand in male grooming, we have access to the best barbering talent in the world, with specialists in all areas of men’s hair from traditional gentleman barbers to urban (hair patterns) and everything in between. We’re also experts in beard sculpting and hot shaves. Whatever your audience, we have expert barbers to suit your needs. 

  • Town Squares Champions League 
  • In offices Facebook & Google 
  • Expos & Conferences Money 20:20 
  • Overseas Dubai 
  • Overseas Dubai 
  • Weddings Celebrity


  • Indoor Retail Week Live 
  • Outdoor Virgin Marathon 
  • Outdoor Virgin Marathon 
  • Short Notice Events Hugo Boss (4 days) 

We offer a fully bespoke service, building our solution to fit seamlessly into your event, wherever and whenever it is. From an afternoon pop-up to a 5-day expo, we have solutions for every need. 


Everything that we do, from the first brief to final delivery, is done to bring the most immersive and high quality, tailored experience to the event. 

All inquiries start with an event consultation, taking into account venue facilities, space, event type, customer demographic and much more. We prepare a detailed proposal taking into account all your requirements in order to bring you the most personalised and detailed plan for your event. Once you’ve approved the proposal, every detail is covered by our event planner, so that we fit seamlessly into your event. We make sure that everything is prepared to launch at your event. Whatever the event, we operate to an impeccably high standard. We’re prepared for every eventuality and can fluidly adapt to any changes before or during the event. 


Actively promoting the event on social media and pre-booking the first few appointments ensures that we have good footfall as soon as the event launches. We invite event staff to be our first customers which normalises the barbering experience in the event. Once people see the results, word of mouth and social media buzz drives the demand.

Customer Experience

Our stylists give a consultation to customers, asking questions about lifestyle, image, and face type to choose the perfect style. The barber then consults with them to ensure they receive exactly what they want from the service. The barber then delivers the service to the customer which meets their exacting needs.

Product placement

We use products during the haircut to create an experiential hook with the customer. Whether it’s a new fragrance or haircare products, we can integrate these into the PMB experience, giving an immersive product experience. White-labelled PMB products give your attendees a takeaway- a product that they’ll keep using for months after the event. Our award-winning products can be white labelled for a memento of the event that lasts and lasts

Branded Services

For previous events we’ve created exclusive styles and shaves including ‘The Jack Daniels shave’ and ‘The MasterCard priceless experience’. Working with event organisers, we suggest a branded service that works for the brand and the audience.

Subliminal Advertising

Our barbers are also in the unique position of having the customer’s undivided attention for up to 30 minutes. Our barbers can talk about the products to the customers, gathering feedback and highlighting its benefits or features.

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Event Photography

We bring our own event photographer/videographer to capture the highlights of the event. Photos can be immediately uploaded to social media as well as an after-show video. Our photographer is a trusted member of the PMB team and works to the same high standards as the rest of the team to immortalise your event.


Matching the Event

Because of our in-depth consultation at the start, we are able to mirror the event and offer an experience that is congruent with the event’s feel. Every event we attend has an exclusively tailored package with the end customer always at the centre.

If you would like to collaborate with us please email us here:




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