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Barber Shop Franchise – Pall Mall Barbers, based barbershop business, expanding globally through our franchise model and professional grade product offering.

Developing the Pall Mall Barbers business model and brand has taken dedication: through a lot of hard work and long hours, we have grown to where we are today. As such, we believe we have a great business opportunity that can be developed in cities throughout the UK and overseas.

I acquired the first shop in Whitcomb Street in 2005, and soon after opened a second store in Fitzrovia, followed by further stores in Westminster and Bishopsgate, Kings Cross, and Paddington. Further out in and New York City.

Pall Mall Barbers has a long-established history of providing barbering and men’s grooming to gentlemen, dating back 126 years. Founded in 1896 at No. 27 Whitcomb Street, The Pall Mall Toilet Saloon, as it was historically known, was a standout in St James’ and Pall Mall.

Pall Mall Barbers provide a very high standard of traditional barbering services in a modern manner. Professionalism and expertise are at our core. Our team has a combined 500 years of international expertise. With an ethos on educating the modern gentleman. Barber shop franchise UK, USA, UAE, Australia, Canada 🇨🇦

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Barber shop franchise UK, USA, UAE, Australia, Canada 🇨🇦

Our attention to detail and consistently high levels of customer service have featured significantly in our overall success and it is essential that franchisees replicate everything we are currently doing within our business, as set out in our operations manual.

In addition, we have developed the Pall Mall Barbers grooming collection over a 5-year period, tested in our barber shop on real gentlemen. The products are designed for professional usage and are also offered for personal use.

Over the past decade, Pall Mall Barbers has featured in more than 200 different media clips for high profile companies including GQ, the Evening Standard, BBC, Channel 4 and ITV. We have featured on many mainstream television programs, including Sunday Brunch, This Week, Daily Politics, Mr Selfridge, The One Show, Heir Hunters, How To Look Good Naked and the BBC News.

We receive many enquiries about franchising. After further investigation, it seemed like a logical next step for the business. We have developed the PMB franchise model with specialist advice.

Pall Mall Barbers – Barber Shop Franchise

The Pall Mall Barbers, Barber Shop franchise offers an exciting opportunity for the right people to provide our range of barber services and sell our own brand top-quality grooming products.
The franchise is designed to operate in a simple yet effective manner, with franchisees spending most of their time in the barbers shop.

We are totally committed to helping and supporting our Barber shop franchisees, both during the early development stages and then on an ongoing basis with marketing and sales promotion initiatives.
The support package provided to all new  barber shop franchisees is comprehensive and reflects the many year’s experiences we have in running barber shops.
If you would like to learn more, please contact us. We would be delighted to explore our barber shop franchise opportunity with you.

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