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Tips for detoxing your 2017 wardrobe

tips for detoxing your 2017 wardrobe

We’ve all heard the term ‘time for a spring clean,’ but this is a momentous task which often will not reach the dark, cluttered and overstuffed corners of our man cave wardrobes, so here’s 10 tips for detoxing your 2017 wardrobe.
Men’s fashion has become more important and popular than ever in recent years, so poorly tailored clothes and garments that do not coordinate with anything else you own are a thing of the past. Selling unwanted items via eBay, for example, or giving clothing to charity shops can really help let go of garments watching the money roll in or knowing they’ll be used for a good cause rather than just thrown away.

Detoxing your 2017 wardrobe

Step 1: Be firm and throw out or give away anything you have not worn in the last year.
Step 2: Throw or give away any items of clothing that don’t make you look and feel amazing. For example, if your favourite trousers are far too tight or loose around the waist, it’s time to let them go…
Step 3: Ask yourself if each garment compliments at least three other items of clothing or accessories in your wardrobe.
Step 4: Is it comfortable? No matter how great a piece of clothing or accessory looks, if it’s not comfortable to wear you’re unlikely to ever actually wear it.
Step 5: Now that you have your surviving pieces, arrange your garments by colour and type (trousers, jeans, shirts, jumpers etc.)
Organizing your wardrobe in this way makes it so much easier to see what you have, and speeds up your morning routine considerably.
Step 6: Only buy additional items you need. No matter how much you love those tailored black trousers in the boutique window, there’s no sense in buying them if you already have 10 similar pairs but are in need of shirts. Focus on what’s lacking in your wardrobe.
Step 7: A gentleman’s wardrobe is never complete without a few key signature pieces. A classic and versatile timepiece, for example, helps give a beautiful finish to your office attire.

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