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Shaving Tips and Tricks

Shaving tips and tricks
Looking for some shaving tips and tricks to improve the quality and comfort of your daily shave?  Then look no further.
At Pall Mall Barbers we are known as the shaving experts.  Our barbers are some of the best in the business, which is why their opinion and expertise is always sought by media companies looking for an expert’s view. The latest to be featured is Erin Wentworth, Manager of our Trafalgar Square barber shop in central London.  She’s an industry leader in the art of wet shaving and beard shaping, so you can’t really get any better when needing some shaving tips and tricks.

As the guest blogger of Professional Hairdresser’s “The Grooming Diaries,”  she shares some of her knowledge and skill as she guides you through each step of a luxury wet shave.
You can read the full article on The Grooming Diairies and if you fancy having a personal shaving lesson with the lady herself, you can book one at our flagship store via the online booking system. You’ll learn a whole range of shaving tips and tricks from someone recognised as at the very top of her game.  We’ve also got gift vouchers for luxury wet shaves and shaving lessons too, so they make great gifts for someone too.
On our YouTube Channel, there are quite a few shaving videos where you can see Erin in action, demonstrating some of her renowned skills. Whether that’s how to use shaving products like the Pall Mall Barbers’ unique 3 Step Shaving System, shaping a beard with beard oil or how to apply moustache wax.

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