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Barbers Kings Cross- Katerina is a master of her craft. Born in Lithuania, she’s a former professional pastry chef turned master barber extraordinaire! After working as an accomplished pastry chef for 3 years she decided to take on hairdressing where her skills were put through their paces!  Having moved to London in 2011, she began training as a professional hairdresser. After specialising and becoming known for her close-cut scissor work style she took on an advanced course to become the best there is. What’s more British than a good ol’ fashioned undercut? The answer is nothing. She loves challenging herself to try new things and particularly enjoys cutting styles similar in nature to Peaky Blinders – undercuts with long sleek back hair. “Scissor cutting allows you to have more control of the hair and you can fix literally anything. I love the flexibility and how creative you can be with this technique”. 

She’s become close friends with her regular clients and it’s this sense of community that keeps Katerina motivated, driven and positive every day. Outside of the barbershop, she spends quality time in nature – gardening and growing her own plants at home, which she sees as therapeutic when compared to city living. Her love of music and movies is only outrivalled by the passion she has for hair. Sunday mornings typically consist of a good old traditional roast down at one pub or another, but if you catch her on an otherwise normal weeknight, she’s at home watching her favourite films. One is Russell Crow’s “Gladiator” – it doesn’t get much more epic than this one. When it comes to music, Katerina is all about old classic rock bands like Oasis and The Beatles. 

Katerina has a collection of poems that are sure to make you laugh. In fact, one of her hidden talents and hobbies is writing light-hearted poetry when she was little! She excels at languages too and can speak Russian, Lithuanian and English.

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In a world where the hair on your head is what defines you, Katerina found inspiration in herself when she started her barbering career. Meeting her husband while cutting his hair, turned out not only to be an unforgettable experience but also led up to motherhood and marriage! Her family is her pride and joy, and one day she would love to visit Berlin again. “The city has such beautiful architecture that you can explore for hours on end!”

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