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Beard trimming London

Beard trimming London
Have you tried beard trimming yourself but it’s not quite looking how you want it to?
Beard trimming can be quite tricky, but fortunately here in London, we’ve got some of the best barbers in the business. And at our Pall Mall Barbers London, Store Manager Erin is right up there with the very best barbers.
With her knowledge of beards, facial hair and men’s shaving she can give the best advice and tips on beard trimming in London.
Maybe you’ve started to grow your beard, it’s got past the stubble stage but it’s now beginning to look a bit scruffy or unkempt. So what’s the best advice for beard trimming in this instance? Well, we’d recommend watching this beard trimming video on the Pall Mall Barbers YouTube channel. It features Erin advising on how to get sharp lines, how to make your beard look thicker and fuller and how to get it more even all over when it may be growing at different rates.
But what about beard shaping when you’re lucky enough to have quite a full, bushy face of hair? A boxed beard is quite a strong look, that still maintains a smart and professional air. In the next video, Erin talks through and demonstrates how to shape a boxed beard.
The great thing about a beard is that like your hair, you can change the look and shape of it. Grow it a bit longer and you’ll have different options on beard trimming that you can try.  So, what do you fancy? Maybe a Van Dyke?  This is a more pointy beard that needs trimming into shape.  It’s the style of beard Leonardo di Caprio was rocking in Django Unchained. Again, our beard supremo Erin, can talk you through how to get this look with this beard shaping video.
Van Dyke Beard Shaping

Still don’t feel like you’re ready to master the art of beard trimming yourself? Then book an appointment at any of our London barber shops and get a professional to do it for you.  They’ll look at the shape of your face, and the direction of hair growth and can discuss with you the best style of beard for you.  Once styled right, it’ll be far easier for you to manage yourself.
You can book a beard shaping appointment online or order any of the Pall Mall Barbers Sandalwood and Clove beard grooming products.
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