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Safety Razor

What exactly is a Safety Razor?
It sounds a bit like safety scissors. You know those ones with the rounded edges that can’t actually cut anything and you give them to children?  Well, thankfully, a safety razor is nothing like those!
A safety razor is as sharp as any other razor, but it also has  the addition of a guard that glides along the skin between your face and the blade, which reduces the risk of cutting your face whilst shaving.  So they are ideal if you have sensitive skin, or perhaps scars and marks on your face. An elegant tool in any man’s grooming kit, a safety razor gives a really close, smooth shave and with replaceable single blades, they are also a very cost effective shaving tool in your daily routine as new blades are a much cheaper option than most of the multi blade alternatives.
At Pall Mall Barbers, we have a few safety razors – the St Paul, the Westminster and the St James, which are really popular with customers. It just depends on the look you like and the way you hold the razor, to determine which safety razor would be best for you.
The Independepent recently included our Westminster one in their list of 10 best safety razors – high praise indeed. They particularly liked the simple way of being able to change the razor blade with the handle releasing the razor head.
Safety Razor

If you’d like to try one of these safety razors yourself but need some advice first, pop into one of our central London barber shops and any of the guys there will be happy to help you. Otherwise, if you know what you want, go straight to our safety razor page and you can buy online too

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