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Mens Grooming Goody Bags

Are you looking for some ideas for mens grooming goody bags?  Perhaps for a corporate event, you’re organising or maybe a wedding? At Pall Mall Barbers we work with a lot of event companies and organisers when they want quality gifts aimed specifically at men.

When we developed our range of eponymous shaving products and hair styling products, we drew on years of experience and direct feedback from our clients. That’s why everything uses only the best ingredients like prickly pear seed oil and jojoba oil and our shaving range is fragranced with the masculine scent of sandalwood and clove with its heady, musky tones. It’s also why everything works well on male skin.
So what would we suggest for mens grooming goody bags? If you’re looking for something small, why not try our beard oil? It’s one of our most popular products and surprisingly not just with our hairier-faced customers. The rich oil moisturises the skin as well as any facial hair – whether that’s a little bit of stubble or a full-on bushy growth, as it contains three different oils to leave both skin and beard hair in unparalleled condition – sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E oils.  It’s also a great product to add a few drops of into shaving cream (that’s a little barber shop secret) for those who prefer a clean-shaven look. It’s also something that many men might not yet use, so you’re introducing them to a luxurious product and improving their grooming all at the same time.  Beard oil is definitely a product that would make a great addition to any mens grooming goody bag.

Sandalwood & Clove Beard Oil
Sandalwood & Clove Beard Oil

Most men nowadays use a product to style their hair, so why not treat them to a Pall Mall Barbers hair styling product designed specifically for men, in your mens grooming goody bag?  All our hair styling products come in 2 sizes – a 50ml and a 100ml, and although we have something for every different style of hair from a rugged, messed-up look to a slicked-back quiff, we can help you choose the product that would appeal to most.  For example, our Pliable Clay is a great all-round product, ideal for a matt finish on shorter hair.
Pliable Clay for mens grooming goody bags

From our range of mens hair styling products, shampoos, conditioners and combs to the full range of mens shaving products we’ve got lots of suggestions for mens grooming goody bags.  So why not give us a ring or drop us an email and just get some general advice, or call in and try some of the products yourself?
Include some Pall Mall Barbers delights in your mens grooming goody bags, and the men will be leaving your event very happy indeed!

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