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Barber Shop Pop Up for Events Hire 
Ok, so you probably know that we’ve got 5 barbershops in central London, but did you know that Pall Mall Barbers also has a barbershop pop up for events for Wet shaving, Mens Haircutting, Beard trimming or Corporate Events. 
It’s a fully functioning barbershop too and whatever sort of event you’re having, our team of barbers can provide gentlemen’s haircuts, luxury wet shaves, amazing beard trims and an array of express treatments at your events.

You don’t necessarily need to be holding a barber event, a shaving event or even a male grooming one – although obviously a barber shop event pop up would be ideal in those situations. Any event where you have men who’d appreciate a bit of male grooming, a real shave, beard shaping or even just a quality hair cut would be a great place to feature a barbershop pop up.
Hiring a barber shop for your event is an effective way of creating a great focal attraction and adding extra value for those that attend, ensuring that your event is the talk of the town.
The PMB barber shop event pop up has featured at some major events around Europe, has always been well received and well attended, adding a little bit more interest and something a bit different to these events. Whether you are launching a new product or brand, or want to create a new buzz about something that’s already quite well established, our barbershop events team are very experienced and can offer advice and help on the set up, layout and services to offer. We will work tirelessly alongside event organisers to ensure that your event no matter how big or small will get you maximum social media coverage and client satisfaction.  It really is a great way of attracting attention for your brand.
Some of the brands that we have worked with in the past include Club Wembley, Wasps RFC, Jack Daniels, Boisdales, Oliver Sweeney, Charles Tyrwhitt, Bottega Veneta, Movember, Tiger of Sweden, London Coffee Festival, Google and many more. Whatever your brand’s specific needs, we can accommodate.
When you’re hiring a barbershop pop from Pall Mall Barbers, you can be assured that you are getting some of the most experienced and respected barbers in London. They are enthralling to watch as they ply their trade, demonstrating the best barber skills around. The service that they offer your attendees will be of a very high standard using quality products.

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Barber shop for hire for events, Wet Shaving, Beard Trimming, Mens Hair cuts and Corporate Events.

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