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Best Spa Treatments for Men in London

Think of spa treatments and you probably think of women walking around in dressing gowns, whispering in hush tones whilst getting facials and manicures.
Well, no longer.  Men too are waking up to the benefits of a bit of pampering, relaxation and general male maintenance. Good spas have been offering their male customers spa treatments for men, specially tailored to their own hair and skin needs for ages.  But barber shops have been doing just that for centuries!
After all, our customers are solely men. Every day we look at and treat the skin and hair of men, so we know exactly how to get them looking their best and the most effective products to do the job.
And now we’ve been recognised for offering one of the best spa treatments for men in London. In Men’s Fitness, Pall Mall Barbers are top of the list for a traditional wet shave and haircut.  Our luxury wet shave features the traditional open blade of a cutthroat razor, after hot towels open the pores on your face and get the bristles standing up to enable a really close shave.  As one of the oldest and most respected barbers in London, you’ll be in safe hands at Pall Mall Barbers… and that’s a promise.

Offering one of the best spa treatments for men in London, means that we use the best products too.  We’ve developed the 3 stage shaving system to apply our vast knowledge of men’s skin and the shaving process. It involves a pre-shave scrub, a luxury shaving cream and a soothing post-shave balm. All our products contain prickly pair seed oil to moisturise the skin and smell of the masculine scents of sandalwood and clove.

Sandalwood & Clove Shaving System
Sandalwood & Clove Shaving System

After the best shave of your life, you’ll be treated to a deep scalp massage, haircut and finish by some of the best barbers in London.
So, go on treat yourself to one of the best spa treatments for men in London. Book online or call any of our four central London barber shops.

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