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Find a Perfect Barber Jobs at Pall Mall Barbers

Find a Perfect Barber Jobs at Pall Mall Barbers

Looking for new barber jobs? There are a few different types of positions you can apply for. Your experience and skill set will likely determine the type of barber jobs you’re best suited for. Do some research to find out which type of barber job is right for you. 

There are various types of barber jobs available in the industry. If you are thinking about becoming a barber, it’s important to understand all of the different types of positions that you could potentially fill. This will help you to decide which job is the best fit for your skills and interests. 


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If you’re a man who likes to keep up with the latest trends and stay looking sharp, then barber jobs might be the career for you. It’s a challenging and rewarding industry, and there’s always more to learn.

At Pall Mall Barbers we aim to consistently provide the highest standards of modern barbering and shaving services within a traditional barber’s environment. We also like to educate our clients on how to recreate their desired look at home by giving grooming and product advice.

We are incredibly proud of the high standards that our team has provided our valued customers over the years. This has helped Pall Mall Barbers become one of the most reputable companies in its field and the go-to place for both valued customers and media alike.

Barber Jobs Requirements at Pall Mall Barbers

There’s no doubt that barbering is a profession that has been around for centuries. However, the industry has changed dramatically in recent years. To be successful as a barber today, you need to be skilled in more than just cutting hair. To learn what skills are required to work with us, keep reading.

Head Barber Jobs

The head barber jobs title holds a massive responsibility for the barber that holds the position but also reaps great reward. A head barber sets the standard for the rest of the team to follow by holding regular team meetings and identifying areas for improvement. 

He or she will also be responsible for meeting up with the management team to discuss how we can progress the business through training and innovation.

If you would like to make a difference and inspire a team of like-minded individuals to be the best they possibly can be, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

Key requirements for this position are:

  • Must have been cutting hair commercially for 10 years.
  • Must be inspirational to your team.
  • You must be able to shave to a high standard.
  • Be a great motivator.
  • Be able to conduct team meetings and training sessions.
  • Motivate and get the most out of team members.

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Barber Jobs at Pall Mall Barbers

Pall Mall Barbers love what we do and that is delivering exceptional service from start to finish. All of the managers and indeed the owner started their careers at Pall Mall Barbers on the shop floor cutting hair, trimming beards and shaving the people of London city. 

There are financial rewards along with a fantastic gratuity system, as well as the opportunity to feature in some of the media work that we are proudly involved with.

Key requirements for this position are:

  • Must have been cutting hair commercially for 5 years.
  • Be well presented.
  • Be able to work both within a team and as an individual.
  • Have a willingness to learn and develop yourself.
  • Have good timekeeping skills.
  • Be able to communicate with both team members and customers in a clear professional way.

Junior Barber Jobs at Pall Mall Barbers

If you are looking for a new career in barbering there is no better place to start than with Pall Mall Barbers. You will be educated in the art of barbering including traditional wet shaving, beard trimming & shaping and of course cutting hair to an exceptional standard. 

Some of our past junior barbers have represented Pall Mall Barbers at industry shows and pop up shops in iconic London venues including Wembley Stadium and Salon international.

Key requirements for this position are:

  • Must be hard working.
  • Be able to take instructions and act upon them.
  • Develop a high standard of customer service.
  • You will be required to do a certain amount of cleaning around the store.
  • Use social media to promote the work of your team.
  • Have a desire to be the best you can be for your team and clients.
  • Have a strong willingness to learn.

Barber Jobs: What to Expect?

The team at Pall Mall Barbers has been a crucial part of this success. We encourage a positive working environment where people work together as a team. This helps get the very best out of yourself and your teammates as a barber. 

Training and developmental plans are made for both individual and team development to ensure that you have all the tools and knowledge in your arsenal to become the best barber you can be.

As a result, Pall Mall Barbers is recognised within the industry as one of the top places for barbers to ply their trade in London. Many of our barber job team have featured in many aspects of the media including being in top-grossing films, prime time television, music videos, magazines, cultured events, and art-house projects.

So if you are looking to take a forward step in your career in London and feel you have the experience and attitude to become a valuable member of our team please email us at hiring@pallmallbarbers.com with details about your barber job experience and some photos of your work.

Your Dream Barber Job at Pall Mall Barbers

If you are looking for a career that is in high demand, the barber job may be perfect for you. We are always on the lookout for talented barbers to join our team. If you’re looking for a great job in a top-notch barber shop, then look no further! We have all the information you need to get started. So what are you waiting for? Apply today! Email us at hiring@pallmallbarbers.com with your Cv and photos of your work OR click the link below.

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