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12 suitcase essentials for men

suitcase essentials for men

It’s our favourite time of year; a time which painfully slowly approaches with a gradually building over-excited adrenaline to taste the freedom of international soil, with a ‘ready, set, go’ personal race building in our fingertips as we poise over the post button to make everyone back home jealous of our holiday adventures. Holidays are indeed a sacred time to be treasured, so to enjoy your travels to the full, here are 12 suitcase essentials for men.
Unless you’re going on a city break, you never know how far away your hotel or villa may be from local amenities, so it’s best to travel with these essentials to prevent wasting your holiday searching for local pharmacies or supermarkets.

  1. Plastic bottles – You can find mini packs of empty plastic travel bottles in Boots or travel departments, perfect for decanting your favourite products into. This works out more cost effective too.
  2. Shampoo & Conditioner – sun, sand and sea air can dry and clog our hair, so no you can’t wait to wash your hair until you get home. Our Argan range is particularly effective for dandruff, itchy scalp and repairing split ends
  3. Toothpaste & toothbrush – no comment required
  4. A styling product – Beat the elements with a great styling product such as our flexible shine styling product
  5. A hairbrush or comb
  6. A moisturising after-sun cream – all that sun we’re not used to in England can dry out the skin, so a good aloe vera-based moisturiser will do wonders for your skin and help prevent peeling
  7. Sun lotion
  8. A First-Aid kit with plasters and antiseptic cream
  9. A razor and shaving product – our razors make great travel companions as does our cooling gel, which helps prevent skin irritation after shaving
  10. Vaseline – great for dry lips and dry skin
  11. An adapter for whichever country you are visiting – this tends to be expensive, and often forgotten, at the airport
  12. Ibuprofen – excessive sun, alcohol and dehydration can all lead to headaches unpleasant enough to ruin an entire day of your holiday

Have we missed any of your suitcase essentials for men?

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