Argan Enriched Shampoo for Men


Our luxury Argan Shampoo for Men is rich with Vitamin E and helps blitz dandruff and itchy scalp as well as to repair split ends.

Product Description

Argan Enriched Shampoo for Men

A deep nourishing treatment, combined with vitamin E, argan oil and essential fatty acids for the most luxurious, moisturising treatment.

Argan oil comes from natural plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree that is endemic to Morocco.

We recommend our argan enriched shampoo be used on daily basis to help blitz dandruff and relieve a dry and itchy scalp. Perfect for repairing split and dry ends, our argan enriched shampoo helps to hydrate and indulge hair, leaving a soft and silky finish.

Directions: Rinse hair in warm water. Apply shampoo and slowly work into a ‘tingling’ rich lather whilst massaging the scalp. Leave for 30 seconds and rinse completely. Repeat if required and finish with conditioner for best results.

All of our shampoo and conditioning treatments are available to purchase both online and in our London stores. These locations include: Fitzrovia, Westminster, Bishopsgate and Trafalgar Square.

250ml e 8.5fl.oz

Additional information

Weight307 g
Dimensions5 × 5 × 20 cm


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