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How to be a gentleman in 2016

How to be a gentleman in 2016

With many modern women believing chivalry is dead, and standards of social etiquette seemingly decreasing or simply evolving year upon year, we’ve compiled a list on how to be a gentleman in 2016:

  1. Learn to listen; a gentleman always allows others to speak, and respects their opinion even if they do not agree with it
  2. Male Grooming; schedule your barber appointments with us every 2-3 weeks for optimum male grooming standards expected of a gentleman
  3. Sunglasses; a fashion accessory must-have for the summer, but an absolute must-not indoors. The same goes for hats, however, the line is a little thin here as hats have become an important fashion accessory for men, so we’ll compromise that they should never ever be worn at the dinner table
  4. Social media; always think before you type. Your comments are published for the world to see, so always think before speaking
  5. Dating; although it’s incredibly generous and smooth to take a date for a romantic 3-course dinner, it may not be the best idea if you are not very familiar with each other. Why not simply take the special lady for coffee, to enjoy a much more relaxed environment where you can more easily get to know one another?
  6. Mobiles; never use your mobile phone at the dinner table. Ever!
  7. Meeting new people; perfect a friendly yet firm handshake even James Bond would be proud of
  8. Selfies; we understand the modern world has changed, but we just don’t believe that there is any place for selfies in a gentleman’s life unless they are taken against a jaw-dropping background or taken next to your beautiful lady
  9. Dress code; always dress appropriately for where you are going. If you’re not sure about a dress code, always check or play it safe in smart casual
  10. Always make sure your suit is tailored to your body shape, your shoes are polished and you are freshly shaved each day or maintain your facial hair well; this is how to be a gentleman in 2016!

Image: SkyHipFlasks

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