Long Hair Men – How to Deal it with from Home

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Long Hair Men – How to Deal it with from Home

How to Deal with Long Hair Men –  crops come and go, trims trend and fringes fall in and out of fashion but the long locks look seems to stand the test of time. Okay so not everybody rocks the shoulder-length hairstyle, but if you are a man with a mane, we have got some tips to keep that fur fresh. If you’ve got long hair, you tread a fine line between it being unkempt, ugly, underwhelming and cool, creative, and casual.

5 Ways To Help Men With Long Hair

The difficult stage is when it’s not quite long enough to treat as long hair and you are reduced to a baseball cap. Get past that stage, however, and you aren’t far from the finish line where adoring women await alongside jealous judgment from your fellow man. Growing it is one thing but knowing what to do with it is another, so here are some helpful suggestions:

  • If you are trying to keep it casual, avoid blow-drying. Air drying is kinder to your hair and gives you an ‘I woke up looking good’ look.
  • A comb can isolate strands of hair, so run your fingers through your mane because it will present a better appearance and frankly, it feels nice.
  • Special occasion? Maybe you are attending the banquet to end all banquets and you don’t want your long locks getting in the way of your smart attire. Apply some of our luxurious pomade and use a comb to render a side parting with a swept-behind-the-ears finale.

  • Ponytails and headbands are your best friends when you’re at the gym. Keep it tucked and tidy while you’re pumping iron.
  • Visit an excellent, experienced barber at least once every couple of weeks and get your hair tended to. Even if your desired hairdo is downright laid-back and lazy, you still need to give it some TLC.

Product Recommendations for Longhair Men

In terms of trimming long hair in London, you’ll find our barbers very useful. They’ll even recommend you a product to take away which will make managing and maintaining long hair much, much easier. It is our very own Sea Salt Spray which is perfect for a messy, undone look with subtle hold. Whether you’re going away on holiday this summer or not, everybody will think you’ve just come back from the beach. Expect volume and expect thickness.


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