We are extremely excited to announce that we will be opening our first barbershop outside of London in New York City on 5th Avenue in the prestigious Rockefeller Center this spring!

New York City Barbershop in Manhattan

A few feet away from the site of NBC’s Today Show and on the same block as many of the world’s top brands, the 812sq ft 12-seater barbershop will place Pall Mall Barbers in the heart of Manhattan, bringing a slice of London to New York City.

new york city barbershop in manhattan

The Rockefeller Center in New York

Richard Marshall, owner of Pall Mall Barbers, says

“Opening a barbershop in New York will be a dream come true. I fell in love with New York when I first watched Trading Places, and the first time I came to the city I knew that I wanted to be able to open a barbershop here. I’m really excited to be opening in such an iconic, art-deco building, which is such an important landmark in New York. There is beautiful symmetry to our New York store being right in the heart of the city, as our original Trafalgar Square barbershop is also located next to an important landmark, right at the heart of London – where our stores are in locations inspired by the Monopoly board. Finding a store available in this incredible location was like serendipity, it makes perfect sense for the beginning of our international expansion.”

Our New York City barbershop in Manhattan is due to open this June. Stay tuned for more news soon!

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