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Tommy Shelby’s haircut from Peaky Blinders

One of the cuts we’re asked for a lot is the iconic look of Cillian Murphy’s haircut as Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders. It’s understandably a popular look – but not for everyone!

Tommy Shelby haircut

Ever feel like you missed your calling as the fearsome leader of an organised crime gang? Have you recently found yourself staring longingly at herringbone waistcoats and penny collar shirts? Loitering with the intent on canal boats and forming strange alliances with local communists? Job openings for 1920’s criminal overlords may be thin on LinkedIn these days, but you can still look like an extra on the set of Peaky Blinders – from the neck up, anyway.
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How to get the Tommy Shelby haircut

It’s not too difficult to get Cillian Murphy’s haircut from Peaky Blinders. Ask your barber for a #1 back and sides, but keep the length at the front. You’ll need a good couple of inches to work with and some sea salt spray to get the right texture at home. As with fixing horse races and smuggling guns, this style demands regular attention if you want it done properly, so make sure you can come back every three weeks for a tidy-up. And don’t forget the newsboy cap – just leave out the razorblades.
A great tip from Russell at our Kings Cross barbershop: ‘If you have a light hair tone, a short cut like Tommy Shelby’s on the back and sides is going to look transparent and as if there is “no hair” – we can make the grade higher and keep the hair a little longer to achieve the same effect on blonde guys or redheads’.

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