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Going Short for Summer – Short Men’s Haircuts

Going Short for Summer – Short Men’s Haircuts

Thinking about a summer fade cut and short men’s haircuts now? We’ve put together our suggestions for some great summertime looks.

Short men’s haircuts

A curious phenomenon occurs every year, about three weeks after Christmas. Despite the dun-coloured snow melting on the pavement and the bitter wind whipping through the train platform, the shops are suddenly full to bursting point with shorts, flip flops and linen shirts better suited to summer on the French Riviera than Oxford Street in winter. Good luck finding a pair of gloves to replace the ones you dropped in Starbucks last week.
Nevertheless, it’s cheering to think of brighter days ahead, especially after eighty days of January. While you’re mentally plotting your summer getaway and wondering if you can pull off shorts on casual Friday, spare a thought for your hair as well. It won’t be long before you can’t hide it under your beanie any longer, so start thinking about a summer fade cut and short men’s haircuts now.

Going Short for Summer

Men’s fades and other short men’s hairstyles take a bit more planning and attention than their cold-weather counterparts. Harry from our Westminster store advises, “When you’re asking your barber for a shorter cut, make sure they consider your facial features to help gauge the right gradation for your haircut. This is really important in determining whether a shorter look will suit you. One hairstyle can flatter one client, and do no favours for the next.” Not only that, but fade cuts (or any short men’s haircuts, for that matter) need regular maintenance to keep them looking sharp. Ideally, you’ll want to visit your barber every three weeks for a tidy-up, unless your desired summer look is Andre Agassi at Wimbledon, circa July 1992. Here are a few (better) ideas to get you started.

Taper Fade with Waves

A taper fade (also known as a shadow fade) with waves works particularly well on Afro-Caribbean or thick, curly hair. How short you go is between you and your barber, but the key to this men’s fade is the seamless blending between the top and sides. Don’t forget your beard if this one makes it to your shortlist – to really nail it, the fade needs to be blended into your sideburns as well. The precision of the cut means you need to stay on top of your barber visits, but the good news is that it’s easy to maintain between appointments. Pretty much all you need is a nice shampoo, conditioner and a comb or soft-bristled brush to deal with rogue strays.

Classic Textured Cut for Thick Hair

In terms of short men’s haircuts and summer looks, this one offers the best of both worlds – a cool, classic men’s fade on the bottom and sides with a bit of length to play around with on top. Texture is a major 2018 buzzword in the industry and works a treat with short men’s hairstyles, so take heart if you’ve already got thick, wavy hair. Stock up on matte pomade to keep it looking light and natural.

Short Pomp with Fade

Fun historical fact: the pompadour hairstyle gets its name from Madame de Pompadour, mistress of Louis XV. The masculine version only really took off in the fifties when James Dean, Elvis and Marlon Brando adopted it as their signature look. You don’t need a hot rod, bomber jacket or royal paramour to pull off this classic short men’s hairstyle (though it never hurts). Combining a short pomp with a skin fade keeps it modern and makes it easy to get maximum style from minimum effort. A wet-look pomade will give you a sleek, slicked-back look worthy of any rock legend or silver screen icon.

Caesar Cut

When in doubt, you can’t really go wrong with the Caesar. The Roman general’s trademark crop has stood both the test of time and the fall of the Roman Empire. There are more than a few variations to choose from, but a high fade cut with thick, razor-sharp fringe requires almost zero attention in the morning – perfect for the busy gentleman running late to the coliseum.

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