Who is Richard Madden?

From Glasgow to the Golden Globes, Richard Madden’s journey as a gifted actor and producer has been a heroic one both on and off the screen. Whether he’s playing the Young Wolf on Game of Thrones or Prince Kit in Cinderella, Richard’s performances are always critically acclaimed and much loved by audiences. There is no better example of his talent than in his portrayal of Sergeant David Budd, an Afghanistan war veteran in the hit BBC series, Bodyguard. Bodyguard is the most successful BBC drama of the modern multi-channel era, with over 17 million viewers watching the finale of the first series. If you’re a fan of Richard’s acting, you’re likely to be an admirer of his hairstyle and if that’s the case then you may well be interested in discovering how to imitate it. After you’ve read the ‘how to’ guide below, head over to one of our London barbershops and make it happen!

What to ask your barber for

The hairstyle itself isn’t overly flamboyant, it’s not a big song and dance of a hairdo but it does carry a simplicity and cleanliness which any gentleman could envy. It’s a short back and sides with a short quiff at the front – a look which requires minimal maintenance while still presenting you as an ardent professional. The overall look you have depends primarily on how short you want the sides but generally speaking, to pull off the Madden, you need to have a 3 or a 4 on the back and sides tapered down to a 2. The top of his head has a lovely textured look to it which can be achieved by avoiding any thinning scissor work. This look is particularly conducive if you have naturally curly hair.

How to style

When it comes to styling, you should blow dry the front, back and the rest to the side after shampooing. You’ll be well-advised to use our amazing texture enhancing product by spreading it evenly through the hair and using a quality wide-tooth comb to style it into a quiff at the front. It’s important you use a dry like product to achieve this look. Anything wet like a gel, won’t give you the matte finish.

How often do I need to get it cut?

You should head over to your favourite barbers every 3 weeks in order to maintain this look and keep the back and sides looking sharp. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you would need to gauge when you should have that cut or just ask your barber. The rule of thumb however, is to have the top cut every 5-6 weeks.

What about the beard?

Madden keeps his beard clean shaven in The Bodyguard but this look could work just as well with some light stubble.

The Richard Madden Bodyguard haircut is for you if…

Having naturally curly hair is a real bonus but isn’t essential, you simply have to be in the market for a clean, low maintenance haircut which looks great. This style is perfect for those gents who like to have their sides short but not as extreme as a skin fade, for example. If you are unsure and need some advice, don’t forget that our barbers in London are the perfect people to ask.

Words by Russell (Head Barber at Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross).

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