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7 Beard Grooming Mistakes We All Make

No matter how long you’ve had your beard, you’ll inevitably make a mistake once in a while when you’re grooming it – so check out our list of beard grooming mistakes we all make, and how to best prevent them.

1 – Not warming the skin/hair before shaving

This is a typical error many men make when grooming their beards. The best time to trim your beard is after a shower when you will already have used a scrub to help lift the hair away from the skin. The beard will have softened and your pores will be open and more receptive to grooming and shaping.

2 – Using the incorrect razor

A cartridge razor is convenient and easily available in a lot of places, as are disposable razors – but ultimately, they aren’t the best way to shape a beard. Ensuring that you use a safety razor will give you more control over the way you shape your beard. Combine with a shave oil, so you can see exactly where you need to shave.

3 – Not checking your beard trimmer settings

Every guy with a beard has done this at least once – the rookie error of beard grooming mistakes. Someone gives the bathroom a once over, turns the setting down on the beard trimmer to make it look tidier on the shelf, and the next time you go to use your trimmer you take a chunk out of your beard and end up with designer stubble for the next few days, having had to take your whole beard down. It’s devastating. There’s a simple remedy – just make it a habit to double-check your beard trimmer setting every time you pick up the trimmer, and you’re good to go!

4 – Shaving against the grain

We know there’s conflicting advice out there about whether to shave with or against the grain. Always follow the growth of the hair. Always. Use a safety razor and shave oil so you have the best control and visibility of your beard shape and follow the grain. It’s so much more comfortable and better for the skin and hair. It will also help avoid any irritation and redness post-shave.

5 – Not changing blades often enough

Change your blades! Especially important when using a safety razor, as the blades can become dulled after a few uses. Make it a habit to change the blades every few shaves, and your skin and beard will thank you.

6 – Forgetting to moisturise or use after-shave care

We cannot stress this one enough – it’s the ultimate in beard grooming mistakes. If you have a beard, you need to look. After. It. This means moisturising – with both a post-shave balm and enriching beard oil, to prevent the skin from getting dry and make sure the beard always looks tidy and shiny. Beard oil is the bare minimum any bearded gent should be using.

7 – Not going for regular beard trims with your barber

The best way to keep your beard looking its best is to book in with your expert barber for a regular beard trim and shape. Your barber will style and shape your beard for your face shape, keeping the length and style you are used to, sharpening up those lines – and you can keep the beard maintained between appointments. If you want your beard to look super sharp all the time, we recommend getting it done every 2-3 weeks by a professional. It’s well known that in Dubai, gents get their beards shaped up once or twice a week! (That’s a bit extreme if you ask us!)


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