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10 Beard Grooming Products Every Man Needs

Wondering what beard grooming products you need to make sure your beard looks great? Growing a beard sounds like a relatively simple task – you just don’t shave, right? There’s slightly more to it as it goes, and maintaining a beard requires some care and attention on your part. If you’re feeling a little confused about how to maintain a beard and how to keep a beard looking great, or you’ve grown a beard and just don’t know what to do with it, then read on for some great tips about how to look after your beard.

Regular Beard Trims

The best way to keep your beard looking its best is to book in with your favourite barber for a beard trim and shape. Your barber will perfectly style and shape your beard for your face shape, keeping as much length as you want. Then you can maintain at home between appointments, using our guidance from beard-growing experts.

Basic kit for beard maintenance

Our list of beard grooming products will get you started, and we’ll explain how to use and why you need all of these beard grooming products.

  • A regular comb and moustache comb
  • Small pair of sharp scissors
  • Razor
  • Beard Trimmer
  • Face Scrub
  • Shave Oil
  • Beard Shampoo – or Shampoo for dry hair
  • A moisturiser – such as our Post-Shave Balm
  • Beard Oil
  • Moustache Wax

Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmers are a great tool to help you tidy your beard up quickly, especially if you keep an even length all over. Wahl, Andis, and Philips all make great beard trimmers that are easy to use and will bring most of the hair down to the same length. If you find that your beard doesn’t look full, and want to improve the illusion of it, trim the hair around the moustache and goatee area one length setting lower than the rest of your beard – this will make the rest of the hair look fuller in comparison. Be careful not to go down more than 2 length settings on your beard trimmer in this area or you’ll start to look a bit suspect.
Beard grooming products

Combs & Scissors for beards

To keep your beard looking great and in shape, it’s imperative to use a comb and scissors to get the stray hairs that your trimmer will inevitably miss. There are always escapees from the trimmer – those of us who keep short beards will be able to testify to that. Run the comb in the opposite direction of hair growth to lift any strays away from the rest of the beard, and then use the comb to keep them held away and isolated, so you can easily trim them with the scissors. Another tip is to use the comb around the neckline of the beard to trim it slightly shorter than the rest of the beard, giving a subtle fade into the neck that will make your beard look sharper and fuller.

Razor and Shave Oil for beards

To get the sharpest edges on your beard, you’ll want to tidy up with a shave every few days. A safety razor is usually the best choice, as you have slightly more control than a cartridge razor. It’s always best to use Shave Oil when shaping up a beard, as it will soften the hair enough for shaving, and provide much more visibility for shaping the beard – we’ve heard one too many stories of guys using a shave cream and taking off slightly too much of their beard because they couldn’t quite tell where to shave! Apply the shave oil in the area you want to shave, usually the cheeks and lower neck, and shave as you would normally.
Beard grooming products

Face Scrub & Moisturising for beards

Using a face scrub is imperative for beard growers. The skin beneath the beard gets dry as the hair pulls oil away from the skin, and without proper moisturisation and the daily exfoliation men naturally get from shaving, the skin can start to become flaky. Beard dandruff is not a good look. Use a scrub all over the face, every other day at the least, and pay special attention to the beard area – especially the neck. Rinse off with warm water and follow with a small amount of moisturising balm all over the face, working it into the beard.

Beard Oil & Moustache Wax

When considering beard grooming products, applying beard oil is the bare minimum that every man with a beard should do to groom his beard and keep it looking great. The oil helps provide moisture to the skin beneath the beard – work it into the beard paying extra attention to the neck and goatee areas, as these are most prone to dryness and flakiness. Your beard will feel softer, but also look shinier and healthier. Use a small amount of moustache wax, warmed between the fingers, to keep any unruly hairs in place, or to style a moustache – and remember, as with any styling product, you can always add more but never take away, so use sparingly.
Beard grooming products

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