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Get the Street Cool Hairstyle of Stone Roses Front Man, Ian Brown

Get the Street Cool Hairstyle of Stone Roses Front Man, Ian Brown

Ian Brown is the lead singer of the English rock band Stone Roses. He is known for his unique style, which includes a shaggy mane of curly hair. In the early days of the band, Brown’s hair was often compared to that of a lion’s mane, and it became one of his signatures looks. While some men might shy away from such a bold hairstyle, Brown has always embraced it.

In fact, he even once said that he would get the same haircut even if he wasn’t in a rock band. For many men, Brown’s hairstyle is an inspiration. It takes confidence to pull off such a look, but when done right, it can really make a statement. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will get you noticed, consider giving the Ian Brown look a try.

Iconic British indie band, The Stone Roses’ lead singer Ian Brown is an icon to many guys seeking the ‘street-smart’ look.  For a hairstyle with total street cred style, guys need to look no further than this rock legend for the cut that looks like you just grew into it that way!

The ‘Made In Stone’ documentary by Shane Meadows shows The Stone Roses’ frontman of Manchester’s edgy indie-rock group with his long locks, showing off a careless cool hairstyle that makes for little morning maintenance for the on-the-go rebel who likes to hit the streets with hair just as if he’s not long out of bed.

Pall Mall Barbers offer some video hairstyling tips on Ian Brown’s ’80’s mod look: how to dry your hair, style it and what products will hold the style for longer and look totally natural, but rock it like a celebrity who just does care and perhaps just makes it look like he doesn’t!

Our hair stylists recommend Pall Mall Barbers Pliable Clay to keep your hair looking cool for The Stone Roses playing live at Finsbury Park and festivals throughout 2013.

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