of our favourite men’s personal grooming tools is the Fitzrovia shaving brush, made with badger hair.  It creates a great lather and feels special, with its hint of traditional barbering and the feelings it conjures of sheer indulgence.

If you have sat in Pall Mall Barbers chair in Fitzrovia, you will have been treated to the luxury experience of a wet shave, using one of our badger hair shaving brushes.   Along with some great advice on achieving a closer shave, or maintaining a well-groome moustache or beard, our barber may have recommended you take home the quality barbering tools we use, to get as close as possible to the barber shop shaving experience.

Use The Best  For the Fitzrovia Wet Shave Experience at Home

We know that shaving can be a tricky experience for our customers and a routine you all have to go through daily, which makes using the best shaving kit tools all the more important.  Why settle for second best when shaving is such a big part of your daily routine?

We recommend to all of our customers to bring a bit of Pall Mall Barbers personal grooming indulgence into your own bathroom, with one of our superior grade badger shaving brushes.   We offer a range faux ebony, imitation ivory, or traditional oak.

Our Fitzrovia brush selection is beautifully crafted and work so well because they are extremely absorbent, creating a superior lather.  The brush gently lifts the hair on the face, making shaving easier and smoother.

This Fitzrovia shaving brush will gently massage the skin, which increases circulation, leaving you looking fresher than before.  Badger hair is renowned for its durability, unlike horse hair or synthetic materials, so as a tool for keeping you looking good daily, we think is worth splashing out on.