We’re Quite Possibly the Best Beard Barbers London Has Ever Seen and Here’s Why

Spare a thought for the bearded gentleman of 18th century Russia. After a two-year tour of continental Europe, tsar Peter the Great returned home on a mission to modernise – which somehow included mandatory shaving. Citizens determined to sport facial hair could cough up for a copper or silver “beard token”, but woe betide the busy archduke who left his on the bedside table – police were empowered to publically shave anyone caught without. We are not making this up. Thankfully, beards are no longer a source of income for the taxman, but keeping yours looking sharp still requires a bit of time and investment. As one of the best beard barbers London has to offer, we’ve got you covered whether you need a full shaping and shave, a quick trim on your lunch break or a top-notch shaving foam. First-time customer Andrew Abery agrees: “…the service, haircut and beard trim were absolutely brilliant. Harry went over the allotted time, making sure the cut was perfect and the hot towel, cut throat razor work was excellent.”

Beard Styling From £15

If you’re looking for beard barbers London won’t leave you short of choice, but even our globetrotting clients think we’re the best. Not just here, but anywhere in the world, according to Ahsan: “If you want to treat yourself to a luxury wet shave, book-in with Clémence at this friendly barbers. She is extremely sincere and a master at work. I’ve been to many barbers in the UK and abroad, and whilst a lot of them had been very good, Clémence would take the top spot!”

No matter which of our five branches you visit, you’ll be in the highly-trained hands of the best beard barbers London has ever seen. Our client Daniel says, “(I) have been going to PMB Fitzrovia for about 3 months now to see Cara for a head shave and beard trim/style. She’s certainly one of the best! Attention to detail and razor work is fantastic. 10/10 would highly recommend.”

Our Barbers Are Well Versed In Styling All Kinds Of Beards

Whether you prefer to keep it short and sharp, full and luxurious or expertly tapered into your sideburns, we’ll make sure you leave the shop with a beard fit to impress even the Tsar himself – no token required.

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