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Mens Grooming Guru Beard Trimming London, beard oil.

Mens Grooming Guru Beard Trimming London, beard oil.

With our years of experience and day-to-day dealings with all things mens hairstyling, shaving and general barber-related, we really are experts in mens grooming. But when someone like the Mens Grooming Guru endorses us, it takes it to a whole new level. Especially as he’s one of the UK’s best-known and most experienced male grooming experts, he even won the coveted Beauty and Grooming Awards Blogger of the Year in 2013.

We recently launched our Sandalwood and Clove Shaving Range to the media and invited along to our Barbers Shop in London, those who really know their handlebar from their gauchos (one goes up, one goes down, in case you were wondering).

So along came the Grooming Guru, a fellow beard wearer to try some of our male grooming products that have been developed and tested in our London Barber Shops over the past few years. He seemed particularly taken with some of our beard care advice and tried the deliciously scented beard oil.

Read the Grooming Guru write-up.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Pall Mall Barbers‘ rather excellent and deliciously fragrant new mens grooming range (all the products are scented with a combination of sandalwood and clove). Anyway, whilst demonstrating the products during a ‘live’ wet shave the staff revealed some great little tips.

One was about the application of aftershave balm (gently pat it onto the skin until it disappears rather than rubbing it in if you want to avoid sensitizing the skin) and the other was about blow drying your beard if you want it to look its best.

I must confess, I thought I knew pretty much everything about facial hair care but even I hadn’t heard of this piece of beard wisdom before. Seemingly, the beard blow dry is an increasing part of Pall Mall Barbers’ business and with good reason.

According to stylist Michael Beardsley (yep, that’s his real name!) – whose own facial fur is a fine testament to the technique – a blow dry teases out the hairs, making them look fuller and thicker, pretty much in the same way it does with the hairs on your head. To do it yourself simply need a small brush or comb, a hairdryer and the will to gently tease the hair downwards while putting the wind up it at the same time.

Not only will your beard dry in a fraction of the time after washing it’ll also look miles better. Helpfully, the new grooming range includes a beard oil to keep it in tip-top condition too.

Mens Grooming Guru Beard Trimming London, beard oil & beard tips.

Whether you have a full bushy beard or just a slightly hairy face, Pall Mall Barber’s Beard Oil can help tame your facial hair. We use this in our Central London Barbershops on clients to soften the beard and soothe the skin.

The luxurious beard oil contains sweet almond oil and jojoba oil to nourish your facial hair – beard, moustache or even just stubble.  Available to buy in our barbershops in London or on our website. Our beard oil will keep your beard soft and protect the skin under your beard too.

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