Nickelback Get The Pall Mall Barbers Treatment

So what does a multi-million album selling rock band do on their day off between playing sold-out stadium gigs? What might one of the biggest bands of the decade do with a spare day in London before they head for the South African leg of their world tour?

Bit of a lie in perhaps, a spot of lunch in town? Some Christmas shopping and a trip on the London Eye? Or what about a good hair cut with a luxury wet shave? Grooming, pampering, and a bit of a British culture fix in one. That’s how Nickelback rolled when they were in town for their O2 Arena concert a couple of weeks ago, and the team at our Trafalgar Square store were only too happy to oblige.

Al, Erin, Sharon and Adrian treated the foursome to a signature hair cut each, plus a luxury wet shave. Four rugged rockers walked in, and four smooth gents walked out. The guys enjoyed their first Pall Mall Barbers experience so much that they treated the team to tickets for their concert at the O2 the next night.

The band got us great seats and VIP passes so we could hang out with them backstage afterwards. What a night we had – thanks guys, and enjoy the rest of the tour. Now we all just want to be big rock stars…