Pall Mall Barbers – Trafalgar Square

Our original store, Pall Mall Barbers Trafalgar Square celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2016. It's the home to our team of barbers, near Charing Cross and Piccadilly Circus.

With our talented team of stylists, your barber at Trafalgar Square can offer grooming advice as well as contemporary and classic gents haircuts and all manner of barbering services – from luxurious wet shaves to beard trimming and styling.

The historic area of Pall Mall and history of barbers at Trafalgar Square inspired us to create our men's grooming range, including our signature Sandalwood & Clove cologne, shaving creams and brushes, double edge razors, beard oil and moustache wax and traditional wet shaving vouchers – all making perfect gifts for the modern gentleman.

Centrally located, you'll find the Trafalgar Square store of Pall Mall Barbers near Charing Cross, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Embankment tube stations.

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Nearest Tube Stations

  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Leicester Square
  • Charing Cross
  • Oxford Circus
  • Covent Garden
  • Green Park

Nearest Rail Stations

  • Charing Cross
  • Waterloo

Services & Prices

PMB Services & Price List
Service Time / Duration Price
Haircut 30 mins £30
Including hair wash using PMB products and expert styling tips from your barber.
Re-style 45 mins £45
Re-styles & styles that take longer, wash & consultation and styling tips.
Clippers Back & Sides 15 mins £23
A quick tidy up. The traditional short back & sides service - nothing from the top.
Just Clippers 15 mins £17
A brisk and professional clippers-only cut, using one clipper grade all over.
Just Clippers with Wash 30 mins £21
A brisk and professional clippers-only cut, using one clipper grade all over, with a wash.
Head Shave 30 mins £30
Smooth and professional head shave, with hot towels and the new PMB shaving products.
Luxury Wet Shave 45 mins £45
Shaving experience with the use of hot towels and the new PMB shaving products.
The Shaving Lesson 60 mins £80
Learn how to shave from our master barbers, so you can shave like a professional.
Beard Styling    
Let us scissor, clipper and razor & style with PMB Beard oil and Moustache Wax.
One Grade All Over 15 mins £15
Trimming & Shaping 30 mins £30
Full Shaping & Shave 45 mins £45
Friction Massage 6-7 mins £5

Meet the Stylists

matthieu Bailly
matthieu Bailly
posted 1 week ago

After roaming in London for about a year looking for a skilled and not too expensive barber I finally found this PMB shop where I want to thank Clemence for her amazing job. It's been a year now and Clemence is taking care of my hair and beard really nicely each time. The service is excellent highly recommended!

Ramona Fuller
Ramona Fuller
posted 2 weeks ago

I am always looked after at this place. All the barbers seem to be very good at what they do. One barber in particular, who I ask for each time I go in, always knows what to do with my hair and especially my beard, sometimes without any spoken words! Thanks Key, you're the man! Yes, this place is not the cheapest, yes it can take a while to be seen, but it's not your average every day's a proper barbers....where you talk to your barber, have banter, get pampered and leave your worries behind (well, you forget them while you're there...even if it momentary). I now refuse to go anywhere else. Keep up the good work lads. Zee

Elliot Schupak
Elliot Schupak
posted 3 weeks ago

I had a clean shave with Clemence. Attention to detail is key for such a service and that was extremely well executed. After a very relaxing and efficient service - it was extremely well done. The staff is very skilled and experienced. Highly recommended !

chris neal
chris neal
posted 1 day ago

Great vibe in this traditional Barbers, very friendly staff and the sharpest of haircuts. I recommend Clemence, I've never had so many complimentary comments from friends and family.

jate bernard
jate bernard
posted 6 days ago

Adrian was great! He did a great job, and would be coming back for my next haircut if I did not live in the US. I would highly recommend Pall Mall Barbers and especially Adrian to anyone.