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How to Wet Shave Like a Pro

Ever wondered how to wet shave? We’ve made a handy video that tells you how to wet shave like a pro using the Pall Mall Barbers Professional Shave System.
The Pall Mall Barbers Professional Shave System has been developed by our team of barbers for use in barber shops and men’s grooming salons, as well as at home for wet shave enthusiasts.

How to Wet Shave

The importance of preparing the skin for shaving cannot be stressed too much.
The first step in preparing the skin is to cleanse and scrub the skin using the Pre Shave Scrub. This helps lift the hairs away from the skin and remove dead skin cells in preparation for a shave. This should be followed with a hot towel to help open the pores and further soften the hairs.
The second step is to further lift the hairs away from the skin and soften the hairs with the Shave Oil, followed by a hot towel to allow it to really soak into the hairs.
To prepare a hot towel at home, soak a flannel or small towel in warm, not boiling water. You can add a drop of essential oil to the water, such as tea tree, to help open the pores.
The third step is to use the Shave Cream. Our shave cream is formulated to visibly lift the hairs away from the skin, showing the direction of hair growth and allowing you to shave with the grain.
Apply it using a synthetic hair brush, such as the Trafalgar Black Resin.
The shave, when carried out by a barber, should be performed using a straight-edge razor, holding the skin tight. For home, a Safety Razor can be used. Hold the skin tight and shave WITH the grain. The razor should be tight and flat against the skin and swept across the skin in smooth movements.
Following the shave, the skin can become irritated. Cool it down using the Cooling Gel. The gel calms and soothes the skin, taking the heat out. Apply a cold towel to close pores and prevent spots and infections.
To prepare a cold towel at home, soak the towel in cool water. You can add a drop of an essential oil such as lavender or sandalwood to help soothe the skin.
You can use the Pall Mall Barbers Alum Matchsticks to heal any small nicks and cuts.
Pat in the Post Shave Balm, enriched with prickly pear seed oil to repair and moisturise the skin.
So now that you know how to wet shave like a pro, what’s stopping you? Take a look at our YouTube channel for more videos on how best to use our products.

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