Let’s assume for a second that you’ve already read our excellent guides to growing a beard and are now the proud owner of a full, luxurious crop of facial hair so majestic, it turns heads in the street (in your mind, at least). Congratulations are in order, but unless you’re going for the “renowned local wizard” look, your journey has only just begun. Under the Trade Descriptions Act, Pall Mall Barbers is prohibited from calling our barbers sorcerers, but they are undoubtedly some of the greatest gurus of beard grooming London has ever seen. Whether you’re just starting down this path to enlightenment or approaching true beard nirvana, we have more than a few tricks and tips up our sleeves to keep you looking your best.

For journeymen or those coming out of winter hibernation, we recommend starting with our 45-minute full shape and shave to set you off in style. “I’ve never really known what to ask for whenever I go get my beard done,” our client Alexander told us of his recent visit. “Usually I sit in a chair and a colleague stares blankly at me while I utter some words then they attempt to carve my face till it does look a bit neater. But Pall Mall Barbers are not like this. Christian is an extremely nice guy to begin with and he actually talked me through what might work and will look good for MY face, as opposed to some generic tag line. And my beard does look bloody great – he also informed me what graded he had done so next time, I wouldn’t sound so lost.” If, on the other hand, you’ve already found your Holy Grail Hair Style, we also offer a popular 15 or 30-minute shaping and tidy service to keep you on the right track.

Our barbers are all well versed in styling beards

Even if you’re a world-weary traveller in need of beard grooming London won’t leave you short of choice, but we have regular clients from every corner of the globe who return to us time and again whenever they’re in town. Louis Feldman of New York City remarked “I get a professional shave at least once a week in my home town. I am so pleased to have learned of PMB. My goatee has never looked this good, and I suffered no irritation whatsoever. I will return.”

Though it’s scientifically established that our barbers offer the best beard grooming London has ever seen, they can only do so much. Once you leave their capable hands, it’s over to you. If nothing else, invest in a good beard oil. It’s absolutely essential to keep the hair soft and healthy, and to prevent the often-neglected skin underneath from getting dry and itchy. If your beard is generally well-behaved it also works as a light styling product, but you’ll probably want to keep a tin of moustache wax to hand if yours is a bit on the unruly side. And in that case, it’s a good idea to keep a pair of small, sharp scissors to hand just to show stray hairs who’s boss. Finally, don’t forget to give yourself a once-over in the mirror after lunch – whether Mother’s Pride or artisanal sourdough, crumbs will never be in style.

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