As barbers, we quite like cutting and styling hair of all kinds, but we can also think of many good reasons that gentleman might one day take a bold decision to go bald and find himself in urgent need of a razor head shave. Perhaps your once luxurious mane is beginning to thin and you’ve decided to wholeheartedly embrace the change. Perhaps you’ve recently taken up yoga and need to save a few precious minutes for your morning sun salutations. Or maybe you’ve finally gotten into Breaking Bad and would like to give the impression that you too are a suburban drug lord with deep ties to the criminal underworld. Whatever your reasons for wanting a razor head shave, this is a job for the pros – at least the first time, anyway. Our client Daniel S. is a great fan of our Fitzrovia shop in particular: “I’ve been going to PMB Fitzrovia for about 3 months now to see Cara for a head shave and beard trim/style. She’s certainly one of the best! Attention to detail and razor work in fantastic. 10/10 would highly recommend.”

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Time to call in the pros – we’ve got you covered

Unless you’re an old hand, taking a sharp implement to your head as you squint into your bathroom mirror isn’t something we’d recommend. You probably wouldn’t cut your own hair, so definitely don’t try a razor head shave at home. It may sound like an easy job, but getting a perfectly smooth scalp without irritation or nicks is both an art and a science – one that Pall Mall Barbers has been practicing for more than a century. Before the blade gets anywhere near your scalp, your barber will make sure it’s fully prepared with a hot towel and a generous application of our signature shaving foam – all while you fully prepare yourself with a complimentary glass of whiskey or rum. After the main event, your razor head shave is finished with a cooling post-shave balm and a cold towel to lock in moisture. That’s our bit done, and now it’s over to you. Even in the depths of winter, the sun is still lurking behind the clouds, waiting to rain down its damaging UV rays upon your newly exposed skin. A daily application of SPF is a must if you want to avoid the lobster look. And even if you’ve consigned your gels, mousses and pomades to the bin, hang on to your shampoo. Even bald heads need attention when you shower, and soap is too harsh for the delicate skin on your scalp.

Still on the fence? Pop in to any of our five branches for a chat with one of our barbers, who can offer advice based on your face shape, lifestyle and overall look to make sure you’re fully confident before you take the plunge into the unknown.

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