Beards… for men, are still really popular and it seems they’re getting bushier too.  They do require some maintenance to keep in shape though, so it’s important to regularly wash and condition that hairy face of yours.

We’ve got a great list of top styling tips for beards – shaping and maintaining them  from our resident beard experts at Pall Mall Barbers. Check out our other blog articles to see the full list.

But maybe it’s not you that’s growing all that facial hair, but the man in your life.  And as Christmas is coming, we’ve got some great gift ideas of men that include some luxury beard care products – beard oil or moustache wax anyone?

We’ve even got some videos on our youtube channel to show the bearded fellow exactly how to use them, so for Beard Oil or Moustache wax tips have a look.  Don’t forget you can buy them both online here.

All beards need trimming but it can be a bit tricky if you’re new to the whole beard thing. Maybe treat the man in your life to a voucher and get our barbers to shape it into style and at the same time offer some expert tips on how to care for and maintain it?

But it’s not just us that things our gifts for beards are great, even those experts at Beard Bias Blog think so too! They’ve included the Pall Mall Barbers voucher on their Christmas List for a Bearded Gent.


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