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The History of the Barber shops in city of London

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The History of the Barber shops in the city of London  
There’s a lot of history of barber shops in the city of London most people are unaware of.
For example, ever wondered why barbershops have a right and white striped pole outside their salons?  Then read on.
At Pall Mall Barbers we style the interiors of our barbers in the city of London to stay true to the traditional environment of a barber shop.  And on the outside too, we always have a red and white striped pole hanging.
But have you ever wondered why this instantly recognisable is associated with Barber shops? Well, the history of barber shops in the city of London provides a pretty gruesome answer!
Originally, barbers were known as Barber Surgeons as their blade skills were not only used for wet shaves but also to perform minor surgical procedures.  As well as cutting and shaving, barber surgeons used to extract teeth, lance abscesses, remove gallstones and even let blood  – with and without the use of leeches.  This might explain the provenance of the traditional barber’s long white coat, like a doctor.
So whilst a trip to the barbershop for a luxury wet shave might be seen as a bit of pampering nowadays, back then it was more of an all-round body MOT with a short back and sides thrown in for good measure!
Back in the day, bloodletting was thought to purge the patient of illness and stimulate the circulation of fresh blood. Sometimes this procedure was assisted by leeches, sometimes achieved by slicing a vein in the arm – with no anaesthetic either! Although there are various theories about the red and white striped pole, one is that the red and white stripes represented the drying bandages that barbers would have wrapped around a pole outside the shop to dry after a procedure. So next time you see one of those poles, remember the history of barbershops and it might make you shudder!
Thankfully today though, Pall Mall Barbers in the city of London,  only offer professional shaving and mens hairdressing services! So if you do want to book one of these more modern services, click here to make an appointment online.

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