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Get the Look – Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Hair

Hugh Jackman always comes across as very professional and confident, but he’s also a bit edgy.  We like to think of him as stylishly cool. So if you want to Get the Look of the star of Les Miserables, X Men and Wolverine, here is our advice on how to get your hair cut, how to style it and which products to use.

Hugh Jackman
Source: Flickr

Book an appointment at a men’s barber and ask him to scissor cut the back and sides of your hair to around an inch in length, whilst leaving the hair resting on the top of the ears. We’d actually recommend taking along a phone of Hugh Jackman with you, just in case to show your barber exactly the type of look you want to achieve. You can book an appointment at our London barbers shops online.

Hugh Jackman
Source: Flickr

With the top of the hair, your barber should take a section in the middle and cut this to around 2.5”.  This will be used as a guide to connect the remaining hair to this. Ensure the hair is cut neutrally and not left longer on any one side.

To finish this style off, we would recommend blow drying it using a small round brush and pushing from left to right. This will get some volume into the roots.  Once the hair is dry, point cut into the hair. This adds texture and allows the styling product to flow through the hair. Point cutting should always be done when the hair is fully dry so that you can see where the texture needs to be added.

Hugh jackman
Source: Flicker

To finish your Hugh Jackman look, we’d recommend a great product like Pall Mall Barbers Texture Enhancer.  Use a small amount, warm it through your hands and then just run your fingers through your hair, topping off this look by pushing your hair back slightly when the hair is dry. This gives a stylish yet carefree look. If you want to buy some of these products, call into our London barber shops or get it online along with a range of other men’s hair styling and grooming products.

Texture Enhancer 100ml Men’s styling products

Pall Mall’s texture enhancer is best used in short hair. It helps both thicken and add texture in just one application, giving the hair a strong yet supple hold with a natural matte finish that can be easily washed out at any desired time. Perfect to use both at home or on the go, our texture enhancer helps to add volume and style to the hair in a matter of seconds.

At our barbers’ shops in London, we sell a range of men’s hair styling products. Everything from hair clay, mud, gel, creams and more and we would be delighted to explain to you how to use this styling product.

The Pall Mall Barbers Texture Enhancer, best hair styling products for men is a great styling product for men with thick hair. Style your hair using a small amount and rub through damp or dry hair.

Pall Mall’s Texture Enhancer is best used in short hair, this resinous styling product helps both thicken and add texture at once. Giving the hair a  strong yet supple hold with a matte finish.
Call one of our barbers shop in London for more mens hair styling products and hair styling tips, as well as the full range of mens barber and hair services.

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