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Top Beard Tips for Decembeard

For all things beard-related, Pall Mall Barbers really are the experts. So if you’re looking for beard care, styling and maintenance,  the team have compiled their top tips for guys participating in Decembeard.
Since 2011 Beating Bowel Cancer has invited men to take part in Decembeard and raise money to help those affected by bowel cancer by getting sponsored to grow a beard. Every December, the campaign is designed to raise money for the charity, helping and supporting people with bowel cancer and their families and raising awareness of the disease, its symptoms and the need for early diagnosis.

  • In the initial stages,  use trimmers to beard trim and keep it sharp. Even light stubble can look stylish with some lining out and shaping.
  • Don’t throw your razor away just yet; keeping the neck and cheeks clean-shaven, gives the beard more prominence and adds to the overall shape.
  • Shave away the flyaway hairs on your cheeks and keep the lines on the face quite natural with a nice curved line.
  • Your neckline, depending on your beard type i.e. natural, styled or stubble, will vary.  But try not to let the beard grow too far down the neck; taking the neckline higher will give a fuller and thicker look.
  • When determining the neckline, start anywhere between the top of your Adam’s apple and the crease in your neck that leads to your jaw.
  • To keep the beard looking neat and healthy use a shampoo and/or a conditioner, You will notice the difference straight away; it will be easier to manage and will become a lot easier and a comb will fly through those knots.
  • A good-looking beard requires good styling and home maintenance. A small beard kit is essential to keep it in line. A basic kit should consist of Scissors, a fine tooth comb, beard oil and a moustache wax.
  • To keep unruly facial hair in order with a healthy shine, add a few drops of beard oil and smooth over the beard. Pall Mall Barbers Sandalwood and Clove Beard Oil which helps to condition beards.

Even with these great tips, you may not fancy doing it yourself. If that’s the case, call one of our barber shops or make an appointment online and book a beard trimming service from London’s beard experts.
We trim your beard and get it into shape for you so that it’ll be easier to care for and maintain.
You can also pick up our luxury Beard Oil in-store or order it online here.  And we’ve got a great video of Erin from Pall Mall Barbers showing you how to use it. Watch it here.

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