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Double Edged Razors

Double edged razor

Double edged razors are really popular with men who prefer a more traditional daily shaving ritual, but the main reason that they are so well-liked is that you get a far better shave when you use one.

The vast majority of men seem to use a multi-blade cartridge – like Mach 3. Don’t get us wrong, we know they’re quick and easy to use but if you use a double-edged razor regularly you will get much better results.

With a multi-blade cartridge, the blades are really close together and you need to go over the same area of skin several times.  This can cause skin irritation, especially if yours is sensitive.  A double-edged razor, on the other hand, has only one blade and whilst may take a bit of getting used to, you need only make short strokes as the razor is easier to control – make sure you use a blade suitable for your skin type.  Hold the razor at a 45-degree angle and shave slowly, down your face – it won’t tug at your skin. It may take longer but your shave with a double-edged razor is less likely to irritate your skin, gives a far more comfortable shave and cuts your bristles closer. They are also really good if you want sharp lines on your designer stubble as they can get closer to the edge.

Another (financial) reason why you should try a double-edged razor is that the blades are so much cheaper.
When you need to replace the blade on your double-edged razor, you simply unscrew the handle, remove the top and then take out the blade – they can still be sharp enough to cut your finger!  Unwrap your new blade and slip it into place over the top of the razor, replace the top of the double-edged razor and screw the handle firmly back in place. That’s it. It takes seconds.
At Pall Mall Barbers in London, we are seeing a resurgence in traditional wet shaves as men prefer the more comfortable and economical routine of using a double edged razor – and we’ve got a selection of them on this site.  If you need any advice or tips, we are happy to share our expertise so follow us on social media and post a question, or book yourself in for a shaving lesson and watch a professional at work – you’ll learn loads.
Double edged razor

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