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How to get the Jake Gyllenhaal Haircut

How to get the Jake Gyllenhaal Haircut

Who is Jake Gyllenhaal?

Everybody knows who Jake Gyllenhaal is, even if you’re one of the few folks who have never seen his films. He’s got that look which leaves an impression long after he’s left your screen. Fans of Southpaw, Jar Head and Night Crawler will be all too familiar with the acting talent he possesses, you know you’ve got a movie you can rely on when Gyllenhaal is listed in the cast. His newest release is Velvet Buzzsaw which is thrilling audiences all over the world too – an impressive man in stature, skill and we mustn’t forget style. Nobody can deny that he has an enviable head of hair and a look which most gentlemen would desire to sport, and it’s probable that most females would support this notion.

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What is the Jake Gyllenhaal Haircut?

His hairstyle is a classic, timeless look which is extremely popular and probably best suited for a modern-minded man with a taste for all things suave. The haircut itself is a layered scissor cut (no clippers), that is kept on the ears and swept back, making it easy to maintain. It’s a great winter style for those looking for a little mane makeover during the frosty, scarf-and-glove season. So, you’re all in and you want to know how do you get the Jake Gyllenhaal haircut? Your first step, as always, is to find yourself in the chair of the best barbershop in London – pick any of our locations and our expert hair professionals will be ready to serve you.
jake gyllenhaal haircut

How do I style the Gyllenhaal haircut?

Once cut, to maximise the full potential of this haircut you would require the combination of both sea salt spray & texture enhancer. Blow drying your hair using sea salt spray will give you a natural, volumized look – giving you the perfect first stage of styling before applying our popular texture enhancer. Use the texture enhancer to slick the hair back – this styling product will give you a strong hold with a slight wet look finish, just like Jake Gyllenhaal.

How often should I get it cut?

This layered, scissored haircut can be untouched for a while and will still uphold its value as one of the most popular haircuts in the world. Maintaining this gem of a style would require you having it cut every 4 weeks, so you’ll only be popping into one of our London barbershops once a month. This look is timeless and will leave your family and friends flummoxed as to how you keep your head so effortlessly cool and whether you do indeed lead a double-life, quietly enjoying the fruits of being a Hollywood star.

You don’t need to be Gyllenhaal to have his confidence, you can just be you with an incredible smart, compliment-curating hairstyle courtesy of our expert hairstylists in London. Make your way over to any of our barbershops in the city and not only will we be ready to craft your desired crop, we’ll consult you first so you know what would suit you, how to maintain it and which products you should be using.



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