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Pall Mall Barbers’ Top Tips for winter Men’s Grooming

Men’s Grooming London

At Pall Mall Barbers we are experts in men’s grooming and know all too well how the seasons can affect our looks. A slight change in your cut or in the products that you use can help see you through the colder months, feeling and looking great. We’ve rounded up our best barbers’ top tips from our Trafalgar Square store, for winter men’s grooming this season, so you can look good right through until spring…

Male Winter Grooming

The Cut

Do you usually have a skin fade cut throughout the warm weather? Why not try a more natural finish with scissors or keeping some length on the back and sides; still looking sharp and still keeping trimmed and in shape for those occasions that matter.

Winter Skin Care
Skin not coping in the harsh morning cold? Why not coat your face in Pall Mall Barbers Post-Shave Balm; not just a post-shave balm but also a highly moisturising cream that will keep your skin soft and supple throughout the day.
Can’t get your hair in the style you want or recreate the style your barber creates for you? Why not try blow-drying your hair into shape before applying some of Pall Mall Barbers carefully selected products; next time you have a haircut ask your barber to give you a crash course in blow-drying which they would be more than happy to help with!
Beard Grooming & Shaving
Having irritations when shaving? Why not try first coating the skin with a pre-shave oil like Pall Mall Barbers Beard Oil before the shave cream; this gives the razor a smooth surface to glide across; and remember; ALWAYS WITH THE GRAIN! You’ll notice your skin gleaming rather than raging red straight away.

In need of a restyle or a beard trim? Why not pop into one of our London Barbershops for some men’s grooming? 
With four barbershops across London, you can find our shops in – Westminster, Bishopsgate, Trafalgar Sqaure and Fitzrovia and all our shops in London are easily accessible by tube and train. We are open late, so why not pop in after work for a restyle.
Providing luxury men’s grooming around Liverpool Street. Pall Mall Barbers London offers both classic and contemporary men’s haircuts, as well as beard trimming and shaving services and our own unique men’s grooming product collections, men’s hair styling products, shaving creams, shaving brushes, double edge razors, beard oils, moustache wax, traditional wet shaving vouchers.

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